In Security

In Security

a prompted short story by The Overlord Bear

Prompt (from r/WritingPrompts): “…I wouldn’t worry too much about this VIP, sugar. He’s a regular, and while the phrase ‘handsome devil’ might be a bit… literal, with him, he tips well, and he’s not one for wandering hands.”

The club was on fire. Literally on fire.

See, we had a very special VIP regular. We knew he’s…not of this world, but we greatly valued the funds he had been providing us. We were even surprised yet welcoming about how our girls have been doubling their efforts when they realized his true identity. He hadn’t even groped them or such whenever they didn’t ask for it. They all made this establishment we were forced to make out of poverty and injustice feel more like a safe haven than the inevitable hell it really was.

Of course, as this establishment stood on earth, there were bound to be traitors. They were easy to bring back to this normally rotten work. All they needed was their memory of sinfulness, and they would stay to take their punishment, even surrendering their souls to the very special VIP regular.

But then came the sort of traitor that would actually piss off our very special VIP regular. Specifically, it was a longtime escort we had, one who obediently serviced even this biggest benefactor of ours. She had even accepted some supernatural power boosts from him, and he even offered her the chance to become his Queen, but she suddenly turned against him one day.

It seemed quite inexplicable, really. He had shown some leniency to her at first, sending her to our own Human Resources Department for us to correct her mindset before giving her the usual soul-breaking pain he would give traitors. Wanting to assure him of our great loyalty to him, we tried to replicate the more natural punishments he gave, which also included kidnapping her daughter and using her as a bargaining chip and all, but that little girl pissed him off even more with how she expressed her belief in her mother’s strength, leading him to kill her.

Now that was a time when we expected our dear potential Queen to give into our pleas to reconsider her resignation, but somehow, she solidified her intent to betray us even more. Said her daughter gave her the boost she needed. It seemed like the little girl was just a tool to her. Our great benefactor killed her, of course, and then he burned us and our club as well.

We told him that what he was doing was unfair. But he said nothing, only walking away as we all suffered.

Of course he wouldn’t say anything. We already knew how hypocritical we were and how this one traitor put us to shame. We already knew how evil we were, yet there we were, wanting to recognize and even follow this woman’s heroism.

Author’s Note: I…don’t know what to say right now. I was pretty humbled by my girlfriend yesterday, speaking of which. Boastful Bear is definitely Stupid Bear, alright…Praise and thanks be to God Almighty very much again for the strength and the challenges~

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