A Sinful Bosconian’s Prayer for Youthfulness

A Sinful Bosconian’s Prayer for Youthfulness

by Jem De Ocampo

Every one of us sinful humans cannot be grown-ups without being born as little ones first, God Almighty, and youthfulness is something we always have with how lowly we are in the face of Your love. Yet we dare to think that You excuse our childishness that corrupts humanity and its future generations. We walk where we would, doubting the true power of how You would let us be carried to where we do not wish to go. We refuse to admit our weaknesses, and we assume that we know where we need to go better than You do. But You are not us sinful humans. You are Perfection, and You provide the opportunity for a child’s instinct towards imitating his or her elders to be truly good. You even have first-hand experience with being a child, considering how You lived here on earth. With You, we do not need to drown ourselves in cynicism, which we foolishly consider an essential in being a well-grown human.

Whether young or old, we are sons and daughters of Father God, brothers and sisters of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and men and women of the Holy Spirit. We are not born to be divided and alone with our, at best, silly dreams, but we are born for things greater than those, things like being united in glorifying You, God Almighty, who never disappoints those who truly believe in You. Thank You very much for showing that through our everyday living, which holds more of Your wonders than what we sinful humans tend to think. Help us maintain our child-like parts as we weed out our childish parts. May we run, jump, and make noise without sinning, and may we give our all to You no matter how young or old we are. Grow us as You wish, and use us for Your glory.

Dear Mother Mary, Saint Francis de Sales, Saint John Bosco, and Saint Dominic Savio, please intercede for us. We sinful humans on earth are always in God’s sight, and we are wolves who can turn into sheep only through God’s power, which He has also granted to us as He wishes. Please pray for the child-like strength we here on earth need to properly face reality, which we sinful humans try to run away from everyday, even daring to claim doing such a thing in the name of God. With the Communion of Saints, please intercede for us.

So this prayer goes in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit,


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