A Prayer for Merciful Justice

A Prayer for Merciful Justice

by Jem De Ocampo

Father God, You could’ve instantly sent us to eternal suffering after Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit. Lord Jesus, You could’ve not likened Yourself to a prisoner to visit as well. Holy Spirit, You already have more than enough reasons to leave us to rot. But You give us mercy along with justice, and You only give it to us not only when we ask for it but also when You think we should take it, and Your thinking is way above that of the sinful humanity that we are. We struggle to believe even in that because of our own desire to be equals with or even greater than You, when we are just Your unprofitable servants You shower with undeserved love out of Your own volition without breaking Your own rules.

Our enemies are not just the sinners ahead of us, but also the sinners we see in the mirror we tend to look at in vain. We call upon You to drive away the evil around us, yet we ignore how evil comes from within the hearts of man, our very own hearts You deal merciful justice upon. We are abusive wardens who should release You and take Your place in the cell we forced You into, all while believing in how You take care of us way better than we can ever do.

So please keep on doing Your work, God Almighty. Please keep on bringing us back to You. Please keep on helping us spread Your Good News across the earth. Please help us have faith in You and find meaning in how You use both speech and silence for Your merciful justice. Please use us the way You want no matter what.

And with the Church as His Bride, please pray for us, Mother Mary. To us sinful humans, you, along with the rest of the Holy Family, seem like a slave with your obedience, yet you are actually the strongest among us, especially with how you were Immaculately Conceived. With the great Communion of Saints you rule over, a Communion filled with former sinners, please pray for us that we may fulfill our respective roles the way God wants them to be fulfilled, even though we still have to suffer obscurity, confusion, and heartbreak along the way.

So this prayer goes in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit,


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