A Letter to my Son

Not only timely but also wonderful. Perhaps wonderful to the point of timelessness, even. I feel like, once again, I’ve found something I have been looking for and should be looking for my whole life. Praise and thanks be to God Almighty very much again for this wonderful friend and father He’s working through, and may He keep on helping us all.

Convert's Quest

Dear Son,

Your mother has frequently asked me to write about fatherhood. For so long, I wanted to glamorize the new role and this new sense of spiritual responsibility that I am blessed to have.

Yes, being a father is a euphoric feeling. Here I am entrusted with the spiritual and physical well-being of another by God.

I could not have asked for a greater miracle than you!

My father abandoned me at fifteen. He nor your grandmother ever conveyed to me the necessity of “the talk”, a conversation about how to encounter racism.

With this letter, I want to illustrate the reality of racism and empower you to speak up for yourself and others.

So here it is.

It is 2020, and I turned thirty back in April.

Here you are, just a mere sprout on the spectrum of life.

Here you are living your best carefree life. So…

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