A Prayer for a Proper Public Life

A Prayer for a Proper Public Life

by Jem De Ocampo

As You, God Almighty, have said, nothing is hidden that shall not be made manifest. At the same time, there are things we sinful humans are not meant to know until You consider us worthy of knowing them. We tend to doubt Your love and assume that You hate us when it comes to such things too, doing things like assuming that privacy and publicity cannot work together well. We think sin should be glorified, while virtues should be marginalized. Along with that, we think that sin makes sin a form of justice, while virtue makes virtue a form of oppression, all while considering such perverted thinking from us sinful humans as part of how Your own Creation should truly be. But You love us, and thus, You do not wish to force love into us, even when we do not believe in You.

We also cannot work with Your power to lead us back to You if we do not let the goodness You made within us be revealed to the public, even as it means facing persecution along the way. We must let our light shine before men, so that they may see our good works and give glory to You. Along with that, we sinful humans should remind our fellow humans to remember how we are born sinful, but not to the point that we cannot be saved, a point that we can only reach by wholeheartedly choosing to be there ourselves. Not every one of Your signs are obvious to us sinful humans, too, God Almighty, but that is another reason for us to exercise our faith, another manifestation of Your love for us, Your love which came before ours. And we cannot understand without believing first. If we believe in evil and doubt good, then we will only find evil and never find good, even when good is standing firm right in front of us.

So let our only fear be a fear of You, Lord God, as we march into our everyday spiritual battles and fight for Your Kingdom’s victory in the war against the Evil One. Help us lowly soldiers be well-armed and coordinated according to Your standards. Do not let our sins occupy thrones, and do not let our virtues live in destitution. Let our goodness be revealed with glorious flourishing, and have our evil be driven into fearful hiding. Let us, Your usually rusty instruments, not boast of what little goodness we have, but let us allow You to grow our little goodness into something powerful enough to smite evil and save souls, all while glorifying You.

Mother Mary, Strongest Woman, and the Communion of Saints, please pray for us. You are who we faithful aspire to be like, and you bring us closer to God with how you humble souls allowed Him to make the very best life stories out of you all. You allowed God to be the author of your stories, with your selves becoming the beautiful subjects He meant you all to be. Please pray for us humans here on earth to have more faith in Him, then.

So this prayer goes in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit,


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