Milestones, Turning Points, and Activity Updates – July 2020

Man, what a busier month, especially at my day job. And I’ve been adding and removing from my Tobbywork queue left and right. Maybe there are things to complain about there, but most of them, if not all of them, are just selfish complaints, like my complaint about not being able to do everything I want along with everything I have to do. As my parents reminded me recently, I have to prioritize. And there definitely are things to be thankful for here, like being able to increase my work output, exercise daily again, and handwrite daily reflections.

As for this month’s blog posts, there’s a song cover, a suddenly written and posted musing, and these fanfics:

  1. “From One Dorky Crew to Another”BanG! Dream x Kagerou Project
  2. “Azaka, Akiha, and Illya Walk into Ahnenerbe” – Nasuverse
  3. “Momo Kisaragi’s Greatest Hits” – Kagerou Project
  4. “Shadowy Throwback”Fate series
  5. “Dirt Under the Killer Rabbit’s Nose” – Infinite Stratos
  6. “Star-Crossed Chew Toys” – KonoSuba RWBY

Also, I’ve had quite a burst of meme video production this month. I posted them on YouTube and some social media accounts, and there’s a lot more uploads to come.

As for more future posts, I’m certainly going to post KagePro stuff for August 15, which is a Saturday this year, and on a day or two around it. And I’d like to try posting one song cover a month for around seven months. Oh, and I’m gradually making more progress with Crawling to the Dawn, which I’m planning on ending in a few more chapters. And there shall be more one-shot fanfics, a bunch of them connected to some older one-shot fanfics.

With that, I should get back to work. And I’m looking forward to more of your honest constructive feedback, dear readers. God Almighty keep on helping us all!

Star-Crossed Chew Toys

Star-Crossed Chew Toys

a Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! x RWBY fanfiction by The Overlord Bear

Summary: That unlucky man from R**nt’s here, Kazuma! And he’s way handsomer than I remember! Of course I’m leaving you, dumbass! I’ve been waiting for a moment this gIAH NO! WHY!? WHY!? YOU AND ERIS SHOULD GO DIE!

Previous Part: “The World of Remnant According to Aqua and Eris”

Probably Relevant Part: Weekend Meme Voice Acting Session 4

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Dirt Under the Killer Rabbit’s Nose

Dirt Under the Killer Rabbit’s Nose

an Infinite Stratos fanfiction by The Overlord Bear

Summary: Tabane Shinonono got away with a lot of shady things. And in hindsight, Ichika Orimura was just one of her scapegoats. The Shimagawas come to realize the latter during a visit to their late matriarch.

Previous Part: “Dirt Under the Killer Rabbit’s Paw”

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Momo Kisaragi’s Greatest Hits

Momo Kisaragi’s Greatest Hits

a Kagerou Project fanfiction by The Overlord Bear

Summary: Attention. Reliance. Love. Momo Kisaragi sorely wanted all those things, suddenly tried to reject them, and then really gave them herself. And while she still had her idol dreams, she ended up realizing that didn’t even need to be an idol to give and get all those things she wanted in the first place.

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Tobby tried to sing “Shutter Chance”

Funnily enough, I’m trying to be perfectionist about writing something here, a post about a song which has a persona that’s trying to be perfectionist. Now, what else am I going to say…well, I guess I’m working on my audio engineering skills some more? I bothered to read some more quick guides on the stuff. I hope you’d notice at least a bit of significant improvement, then, if there’s any. Also, I’d like to send my thanks to Hirochan again for giving this a pre-upload listen plus feedback.

Still, as usual, honest constructive feedback is highly encouraged and will be highly appreciated.

Also, cover mp3.

Now, see ya next time, fellow nuts.