Childish Dedication

Childish Dedication

a Honkai Impact 3 fanfiction by The Overlord Bear

Summary: After all that chaos with Otto Apocalypse and the World Serpent, Bianka “Durandal” Ataegina took up the role of a teacher without hesitation. Of course, with her history and work ethic, one need not expect her to go easy on some little kids. And so far, Bianka was quite impressed by Cocolia’s most treasured orphans…

“Look, Lili! Sin’s a pretzel! And she looks as funny as me and my pretzel form!”

“It it funny, but you’re being cocky again, Roza.”

“Liliya is correct. There is always room for improvement, and you will need to train everyday to grow and maintain your strength as Valkyries.”

So did Bianka “Durandal” Ataegina state to Bronya Zaychik, their new allies from Cocolia’s orphanage, and the strange hanger-on named Sin Mal. And these girls Bianka was training today were the most progressed among their age group. Indeed, Schicksal’s current strongest living Valkyrie had the willingness to teach anyone and everyone she was assigned to, but she was also of the belief that those who significantly impressed her would require more intense training. Thus, she held special training sessions with those particular girls. Besides, if the legendary Durandal reached the top with little talent and big effort at a young age, then what more could be said of having these little ones with big talent putting in big effort as well? Bianka even had faith in Sin Mal, whom she considered a cockroach that deserved all the humiliation she got!

“You still sound sexual, Seele!” Sin Mal heckled the aforementioned girl, who was practicing some forms Rita taught. The heckler also got her mouth taped shut and her body back into training by Bronya and Project Bunny 19C again, while the Herrscher of Death spared a bloody gaze and smirk at the humiliated bully before going back to training.

“Lili, look at Bronya and Seele being all lovey-dovey again! But isn’t that…incest?”

“Someone should put limits on your Internet use, Roza.”

The Olenyeva Twins aside, these orphans weren’t really blood-related, which was to be expected from a typical orphanage. And Bianka didn’t care about who had intercourse or dates with whom as long as it wasn’t too out of line. Himeko Murata had managed to stay in line despite all her relations and her drinking, for one. Though if she were to be honest, Bianka herself didn’t consider things like a love life that important. It’s not like she didn’t feel hormones, but she just prioritized work very highly, and she held no regrets about it. And of course, she did have interest in how to do better team building outside Valkyrie operations, as Rita, who often handled that sort of thing for her in the Immortal Blades, insisted on improving Bianka’s social life along with their subordinates’ morale for better operational efficiency. So far, Rita had been sending her praise, which Bianka felt glad about.

Bianka chuckled at that pondering as she turned to face the Olenyeva Twins for their training. She expected war to change her one way or another, and this development she had was an unexpected but not unwelcome thing. Bianka didn’t see herself as someone that serious, but she did recognize that she had the tendencies of a person with an addiction for work. “Prepare yourselves for further training,” Bianka then drew the twins’ attention.

But before the twins could respond, Bianka sidestepped away from Bronya, who was backstepping from Sin Mal, who was pouncing like those clawed and hooded zombies, which were fearsome mostly in numbers and with their corrupting touches, things Sin Mal had none of.

Bianka didn’t even try to evade the approaching Sin Mal. The serious teacher just met the charge and let the outcast of Cocolia’s Orphanage doom herself again with her cowardly cockiness.

“Gotcha!” Sin Mal proudly declared with her shark-like grin, recognizing the obviously different and stronger woman yet still giving her an irritated and hateful look. “You’re obviously not Bronya, but I’m still gonna push you down and do naughty things to you, you workaholic slut!”

“Ew!” Rozaliya exclaimed. “She’s gonna be like those ugly bastards corrupting those pure idols!”

“I am now more concerned for the both of you,” Liliya snarked. “Though Sin Mal will be the one who’ll take most of the punishment.”

“Shut up, you stupid twins!” Sin Mal shouted over her shoulder. “Just look at how I’m tipping her down nAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!”

And then Sin Mal got suplexed.

“Now, Rozaliya, Liliya, prepare yourselves,” Bianka said as she got up and left the knocked out Sin Mal on the ground for now. “Your sense of teamwork is impeccable, but your individual performances leave much to be desired. We’ll have to tackle your teamwork with Valkyries other than yourselves, too, but for now, answer this question: What skill do you wish to learn the most individually right now?”

“I want to spin like Roza,” Liliya answered.

“Wait, is this about solo career skills?” Rozaliya asked, processing things through the language of celebrity/idol culture. “Well, I wanna counter like Lili! And hey, what if we had a new Vodka Girls Ultimate Attack where we hold up a shield and spin like a bladed top on the enemy when it hits us?”

“Those do sound like some great ideas. But we need to do individual training first, especially the ones we don’t want as much.”

“Ehhh? No fair!”

Watching such interactions reminded Bianka of her own interactions with Rita. They were different from the twins, of course, but Bianka felt that the twins still evoked feelings like the awe the Immortal Blades’ rank and file felt while witnessing their squad leader and her adjutant in battle.

Now, if they could invoke such awe and other positive feelings even as their own people and not just as twins…

“Who wishes to challenge me in CQC first?” Bianka asked the twins as she tensed her legs and raised her fists. “The other should stay back, of course.”

“Me, me!” Rozaliya eagerly raised her hands and twirled in.

“Be careful, Roza,” Liliya groaned, frowning as she walked away to become a spectator.

“Of course I will, Lili!” Rozaliya replied, tail going up with her emphatic declaration. Bianka wasted no time with that opening. “Hey! We haven’t even started yet, you meanie teacher!”

“You talk like you haven’t been suddenly thrust into battle, Rozaliya,” Bianka said as she cracked her knuckles after she ambushed the girl in pink with a one-two charge. “That sort of mindset will get you and your sister killed.”

Rozaliya looked uncharacteristically strained at that. Bianka did mean it, considering what she had learned about them from Overseer Theresa.

“Then I’ll beat you up!”

Rozaliya went with a tail sweep at Bianka’s legs, but while the one nicknamed Durandal admired how the older Olenyeva twin strived to make the most of out of her Honkai-mutated body with such energy, Rozaliya still needed to learn more about finesse.

As a result, Bianka soon found Rozaliya stumbling over her own weight, falling flat on her face as her trainer pinned her down and restrained her tail.

“Ow, ow, ow!” Rozaliya whined. “Careful with the tail!”

“It’s a miracle that you and your sister manage to fight with such clumsy movements compounding your unfounded confidence,” Bianka noted, and then she smiled. “Perhaps you should accompany Seele to Rita’s special training sessions more, then?”

“But Master Durandal is the bestest in the world!” Rozaliya panicked as she moved away into a dogeza. “Please don’t send me to that scary maid…”

Bianka didn’t know what Rita did to scare Rozaliya, but the blonde woman did find those two’s interactions funny. “Well, if you wish,” Bianka then told Rozaliya. “But you will still not be exempt from strictness. Never forget that the battlefield can and will be worse than we are here.”

Rozaliya then got back up, making a comical recovery jump but with a serious postured salute as she faced her special trainer once again.

“You can do it, Rozaliya!” Seele suddenly cheered, taking a break from her own training while sitting in between Liliya and Bronya.

And then Rozaliya pounced onto Bianka, who backstepped that and the claw clip tail tip that stretched towards her right after. The tail then went down to make way for Rozaliya’s front flip, which tried to pincer Bianka with a hand grab from the front and a tail clip from the back. Bianka sidestepped that attack, though, causing Rozaliya to roll out of control.

Still, Rozaliya, face scrunched up, screeched to a stop, jumping back up and using her tail tip to fling herself towards Bianka. The trainer made sure to not only duck but also to roll away, avoiding getting hit by the swung tail, which was soon grabbed to disturb Rozaliya’s momentum and cause her to crash onto the floor.

“You are certainly lacking in finesse,” Bianka stated as she stood up after letting go of the now tired Rozaliya, “But the combat potential your and your sister’s bodies have is certainly fascinating. After all, normal human combat styles don’t exactly have physical features like tails to consider.”

“You should learn more theory, Rozaliya,” Liliya summarized their teacher.

“Theory?” Rozaliya parroted. “You mean all those nonsense numbers and words and formulas? I don’t wanna!”

Again, Bianka chuckled, remembering Kiana Kaslana from before she became a battle-hardened Herrscher wandering and protecting the planet. “Take a break now and call your sister over,” the trainer then told the older Olenyeva.

“Lili!” Rozaliya ran back and glomped while whining. “She’s a meanie fight addict teacher! Don’t sacrifice yourself for me there!”

“At least you care, Roza,” Lili pushed her sister’s face away. “Now let go. We need to do training. I don’t want us to be weak like back then.”

“Are you trying to go for a solo career and forget all about me and the Vodka Girls, Lili?”

“Roza, even if I went for a solo career and became popular, I still wouldn’t be able to do it without you. And you wouldn’t be able to have a popular solo career without me either. Not with how stupid you are, Roza Idiotka.”

“Yay, Lili and I are Vodka Girls forever, even while going solo!”

Bianka couldn’t help chuckling with Bronya and Seele at the Olenyeva Twins. They really were show stealers for sure.

“Now, Liliya,” Bianka beckoned with a folding hand and a battle stance.

Liliya stayed still, looking uncertain in front of Bianka.

“Do you wish for me to attack first?” Bianka asked the younger Olenyeva.

“Whatever,” Liliya went, though she tensed as she said that.

So Bianka charged in for a grab, only to find a tail wrapped around her arm as she caught Liliya by the neck.

“If this were a real fight, I would’ve granted you excruciating pain already at the very least,” the trainer told her trainee as they stayed still in their mutual hold.

“I surrender,” Liliya then declared, raising her hands up but not unraveling her tail.

“You certainly aren’t so above your older twin, Liliya,” Bianka told the younger twin. “Unravel your tail or I’ll slam you around.”

Liliya complied, and then Rozaliya crashed into her twin, hugging her. Then the older twin went to slam her fists on Bianka.

“Meanie fight addict teacher!” Rozaliya yelled. “I hope your boobies punch your face!”

Again, Bianka couldn’t help a chuckle.

Still, even as Durandal also valued holding back, she also recognized that even holding back should have limits. That, and she hadn’t done enough with Liliya to switch the trainee to focus on, so Bianka wrapped Rozaliya with her own tail and then rolled her back to the sidelines, knocking a recovering Sin Mal over before getting caught by Bronya and Seele.

“Thank you, Master Durandal,” Bianka then noticed Liliya saying with a bow before going back to a battle stance. “Now let us continue.”

Bianka gave a bit of a bigger smile of that for a moment, and then she continued training with Liliya.

Author’s Note: I’ve been playing HI3 for so long, but it’s just now that I actually managed to write a complete fanfic for it. Regarding my fave playable charas, it started with Himeko, and then came Fu Hua, and then came Rita, and then came Seele, and then came X-Bro (the APHO dude MC) and Carole and Durandal. And considering the canon story so far, I’m particularly interested in the everyday living the characters have after the war against Otto and the World Serpent and before the events of A Post-Honkai Odyssey.

Also, I’d like to propose the idea that Durandal is a Chuck Norris type of character, both seriously and jokingly. Please feel free to send your arguments about that, then, whether for or against the idea.

Next Part: “Grown Dedication”

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