Milestones, Turning Points, and Activity Updates – October 2020

Happy Halloween. And by that, I mean “May the Saints pray for you.”

Now, how’s my life been this month? Well, I managed to get myself into a better exercise routine again somewhere in the middle of the month, for one. To be more specific, I bought a stationary bike and had it set up in my room for safer cardio purposes at my insistence, with said insistence following my dad’s suggestion. And drawing from a joke one of my uncles made upon finding out about that bike, I am now an invincible force of homebodiness (or perhaps it should be “roombodiness?”). And my parents – God bless them again – get lots of thanks for that help. Superpowers don’t just come by and stay so easily, you know? XD

Also, something got me following an old prayer tradition this month, specifically something I first learned and experienced during high school: praying the Rosary everyday during the month of October. I’m not sure why I did that this year, but recent realizations tell me that one of the reasons – if not all of the reasons – is that I’m probably doing it to cope with some, uh…complicated personal memories that happened this month a few years ago, if I remember correctly. I think God’s giving me a bit more than what I asked for, though. I’d say I don’t deserve it, but I have my life even though I don’t deserve it either, so yeah, please keep on challenging and guiding me, God Almighty.

As for my day job? Getting more efficient, I guess. And that means heavier loads coming up next sooner. But that’s how life goes. And even if I don’t like the job, I think I’d still keep at it for now, mostly because it’s hard to find a job, especially these days. In other words, I’d go through it like how I went through UPD, I guess. Praise and thanks be to God very much again for the fun and learning I experience through all that, then~

And now, I feel like talking about this month’s posts:

  1. “Azami’s Post-Daze Odyssey” – In which I headcanon Azami as a Herrscher and have her interact with the latest Kaslanas.
  2. “If You Knew What This Worse Selfish Guy Wants…” – Yes, it’s also a subliminal.
  3. “Why I Shouldn’t Be an Idol or a Celebrity” – A failsafe, I guess.
  4. “Why I Shouldn’t Be Your Boyfriend” – Another failsafe, I guess.
  5. “All She Needs” – Short Honkai Impact 3 yuri written for popular reasons more questionable than today’s popular acceptable.
  6. NCT 127 – Cherry Bomb (556 Remix) – Tobby’s Vocal Cover – Working on this got me thinking some more about how hard the industry really works.
  7. “Rebel Forces Employ Horndog Mercenary?” – Because DmC: Devil May Cry is just another okay video game with pretentious storytelling.
  8. “Persistent Dedication” – I have Durandal, Rita, and Himeko interact with each other with angst and friendship.

I’d also like to mention some stuff I should’ve mentioned last month: “The House of 21st Century Gods.” It started out as a script I sent to my friend Matt of DarkTree Audio, and it took a while for him to gather voice talent and get the audio story produced and all that, but then I just had to miss watching it the day he uploaded it, and even more embarrassing is how I already knew that it was coming thanks to an update post of his beforehand. Adding to that is how well he and the crew he gathered made it, and adding to that again is how it even inspired another fun work using it. So yeah, freaking nuts, indeed. X”D

And as usual, I got more memes. Oh, and while I won’t be posting new chapters of it next month, I’m really getting closer to finishing Crawling to the Dawn now.

With all that said, I’d like to ask for honest constructive feedback again, yo~

Persistent Dedication

Persistent Dedication

a Honkai Impact 3 fanfiction by The Overlord Bear

Summary: After the Otto-Serpent Honkai War, Bianka pays Ragna’s grave a visit with Rita and Himeko.

Previous Part: “Grown Dedication”

First Part: “Childish Dedication”

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Rebel Forces Employ Horndog Mercenary?

Rebel Forces Employ Horndog Mercenary?

a Devil May Cry fanfiction by The Overlord Bear

Summary: Bob Barbas finally has the story of a lifetime when a demon-slaying yet horny young man tears Limbo City and the Order apart. It’s so amazing, not even Mundus’s fall and death in the process has him scared! And then the bastard named Dante kills Bob.

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NCT 127 – Cherry Bomb (556 Remix) – Tobby’s Vocal Cover

I forgot how long I’ve been intending to do this cover, but I’m sure it’s been quite a while. Anyway, it’s finally here, and right after that contest period (I didn’t reach the Top ranks, by the way, but kokorobeats’s playlist for the entries seems to be getting me a lot of views lately).

For those who are wondering about how I managed to have an instrumental for this, I ripped 556’s added sounds for the remix and combined it with the SM Everysing instrumental. Of course, there was some further work that had to be done here and there (like track cuts and speed changes) to match it with the sound of the whole remix itself.

As for the vocal work and all that, it was the last Audacity project I made on my old computer before I got myself an upgrade. I kinda regret not backing up the project files as I moved files, especially since my sister gave me some important feedback when I asked her for some after I already deleted my files in my old computer. Aside from that, recording the vocals, especially the singing parts, along with mixing them got me feeling the wide gap between my abilities and them boys’ and their producers’ abilities. And I used the 556 Remix because I found the song easier to rap and sing with it (and because it’s got such a fun intensity).

So yeah, while I’m still up for making more music, stuff like that and more got me further rethinking my attempts at making music. So far, I’ve been erasing stuff from my music production queue and wanting to focus more on my vocal performance and lyric writing. I’d love it if I could deeply collaborate with someone in making music too. I mean, I could try commissioning a mixer at the very least sometime, but again, I also worry about how my personality would affect them in the long run…

Now, with all that said, here’s the mp3.

And of course, honest constructive feedback is highly encouraged and will be highly appreciated.