Why I Shouldn’t Be an Idol or a Celebrity

Why I Shouldn’t Be an Idol or a Celebrity

some insomniac musings by The Overlord Bear/Jem De Ocampo

To think that I have to be a golden calf while trying to destroy golden calves…All the more reason for me to keep on living and growing with the Roman Catholic Church, then.

1. I’m an ugly and perverted straight male fan/stan/weeb/simp/whatever us idiot kids these days call ourselves.

Not only do I have disgusting “white knight” dreams like, among other things, stealing away pretty women for me to hoard and show off, I have a physical appearance that fits the image of a “Real Pervert:” fat and unkempt. Oh, if only I were a handsome pretty boy who can look good in a dress as well…Oh well, at least I can still blend in, get away with some things, and kill my depression thanks to my fellow humans’ dumbassery. Indeed, you’ll find my horny and ignorant online comments out there one day, and hey, feel free to use them for when I somehow become famous.

2. I’m a freaking insomniac with “anti” credentials that make me look like a figurative and literal witch hunter.

I studied in the University of the Philippines and got a Bachelor’s Degree from it. I can’t see myself as creative unless I talk about some serious issues us cowardly perverts try to run away from everyday unless doing so gives us the chance to be perverts with impunity. Not only that, I even have the guts to shoot at those whom I should consider my “allies” in “wokeness.” For example, I’d like to say that I think that the term “social distancing” is not the dumbest term the big shots of the Information Age have come up with and are keeping hot, considering terms like “new normal” (as if the passing of time never changed what’s normal before) and “fake news” (as if gossip is always a piece of humble storytelling and never was a bunch of prideful poison). And I usually think of saying such stuff while hoping that I’d gain stuff like a hot harem of women and an eternal escape from work.

3. I’m a toxic Filipino.

I want sparkly foreign attention so badly, I’d snitch on my own kind for it. I consider my country a hopelessly self-loathing dumpster so much, I’d rather dissociate myself with it at the next sign of trouble. I want pleasurably convenient comfort so easily, I’d only be a fair weather citizen who tries to take credit for truly good things he never did or just be a yes man to others no matter their integrity. Also, I’m way better at English than my native languages, and not even the fact that my elders were once poor can excuse how much of a middle-class idiot I am. And…

4. I’m a Roman Catholic, and I love it.

I belong to a religion run by pedophile priests often hidden from the public. I belong to a religion that promoted colonialism against my native country. I belong to a religion that branded one of its own female Saints a witch before they considered her a Saint. I belong to a religion with quite a history of corruption that’s been exposed so many times over, yet I’d rather live and grow with it to the point that I can be in heaven, even as it means eating humiliation for breakfast as well. Besides…

5. Idolatry is a sin.

Golden calves are still around, and they can keep up with the times. Also, “celebrities” and “idols” are more interchangeable than we think, even with all those cultural differences. Thinking that one is better than the other is just a piece of that exoticist crap I’m striving to stop believing in. And to think that I have to be a golden calf while trying to destroy golden calves…All the more reason for me to keep on living and growing with the Roman Catholic Church, then, even as it means being painfully obscure most of the time like an ordinary person while striving to not look at God like He’s an idol among many idols. Plus…

6. Hoping for us sinners to rot even further is another sin.

Seriously, “rot in prison?” “Rot in hell?” All while promoting idolatry and many more sins? Father, forgive us, for we do not know what we are doing!

7. Feel free to add more here, fellow sinners!

After all, you and I need more motivation to go to heaven and stop chasing those stupid golden calf dreams! Pop culture is quite a rotten thing, you know, and the best pop culture is subverted pop culture, something that’s impossible without God’s grace. God Almighty keep on helping us all, then, and praise and thanks be to You very much yet again!

2 thoughts on “Why I Shouldn’t Be an Idol or a Celebrity

  1. Hi, Tobby! Thank you for your sincerity. It helps me to consider, sometimes, that humans look for incomplete versions of the true Kingdom of Heaven, even as they sin.

    Earthly glory where one is accepted, known, loved and celebrated by the multitude, and communion and intimacy between man and woman, in which one matures and shines as a fascinating provider, protector, and hero are best understood as an attempt to reproduce the glory, intimacy and triumphant, personal love of Heaven. Even escape from work can be explained in the light of Genesis, as when we work we feel the effects of the Original Sin, and thus the rythm of week-Sabbath or week-Sunday is a hopeful sign of the Kingdom of Heaven.

    This makes the broken, loveless versions which we choose to sin all the more dangerous for us and others, not less as we are dealing with truthful, dangerous material which can affect us deeply. But at the same time, it is a sign that God will purify our present heart (our nations, our pop culture, the Church), not downright destroy it. I find that very hopeful, in fiction and in life: St. Paul usually bears a sword, and St. Peter was confirmed as Pope in a manner that evoked his negation. To see how the redeemed people or qualities are the same, with all its peculiarities, but love has transformed them in something good which, in a way, was present in them as potential, if only in the eyes of God.

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    1. God may not be present in sin, but any good our usually sinful selves and works have is definitely because of Him and not us. Most of us would think it a dishonor because of our pride, though. Still, He would help us be humble as long as we ask Him for help and faithfully follow Him, no? Thank you very much for your thoughts, then, Gaheret. 😀

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