All She Needs

All She Needs

a Honkai Impact 3 fanfiction by The Overlord Bear

Summary: When Rinsy Kiana expected a reunion with Mei in the latter’s office, she didn’t expect her dearest senior, friend, and crush to wall-slam her right after entering the room. And of course, it made Rinsy feel very complicated…


If it were a guy, Kiana – no, Rinsy, for the original Kiana was up and running again, and Sirin needed more love – would’ve already kicked him in the balls. But in this case, Mei was the one doing the wall-slamming.


First, Mei said it while their noses touched. Then she said it to her ear. Rinsy would’ve tried to correct Mei on the name at the very least, but she couldn’t do it. And if even Rinsy had the guts, she still wouldn’t do it, because she understood that she would always be “Kiana” to Mei. Considering the overheard conversations Siegfried had with Mei from time to time, Mei would refer to Rinsy as “Rinsy” in public, but in personal correspondence with only Rinsy herself, Mei called her “Kiana.”

“Kiana. Didn’t you usually say that my love is all you need?”

Rinsy could only nod in response to that. And then she went back to staring into the depths of Mei’s purple eyes, which might as well be ultraviolet to the Kiana clone right now.

“Why don’t you tell me that again, then?”

Had Mei always wanted to be this aggressive? Was she being possessed by the Honkai again? Why was Rinsy even asking those questions, though, when she would’ve fought back the instant she thought them?

“Tell me, Kiana.”

A feathery touch upon a shoulder. Mei’s hand was covered by a bright purple glove, and that hand was threatening to melt Kiana – no, Rinsy – no –

“Tell me.”

And then Mei bit Rinsy’s ear. It was one soft bite, a press upon her earlobe that wouldn’t leave a mark, and Mei didn’t make it wilder. Rinsy didn’t know whether to be disappointed or to be relieved.

“I want to know how we truly feel about each other, Kiana. Because I’m not sure about myself right now. And I hate that uncertainty.”

How did Rinsy feel about Mei? And how did Mei feel about Rinsy? The clone wondered about that. If she were her younger and dumber self in front of this Mei, she probably would’ve fainted already. Or push Mei away. After all, Mei was just a pure girl who tied her hair up all the time, cooked great meals everyday, fought with so much grace every battle…

“Kiana. Answer me.”

But now, Mei had her long hair down. Her outfit was more elegant and modest, yet she looked sexier than what Rinsy expected. Was it the bare shoulders? The feather on her chest? Those long earrings? Those tights?

“I don’t want to hurt you again, Kiana. Please.”

And then it seemed like a fog was lifted. Rinsy could now see tears in Mei’s eyes, and then Rinsy herself felt tears coming out of her own as well.

“I’m so sorry, Kiana…I really am…”

“It’s okay, Mei. It’s okay. I’m sorry too.”

Rinsy embraced Mei. When was the last time they ever did this? It felt like quite a long time, and –


And then Rinsy was on the floor. Or, to be more exact, face-first into Mei’s chest.

“Actually, I didn’t set up a prank here,” the coarse voice of Sin Mal sounded. “But I just felt like saying it!”

Rinsy felt shaking within Mei’s chest. The former would’ve been pissed too, but with this…Rinsy started to fear for the outcast’s life.

“Also, makeout session? Well, could be worse. You could be Seele and Bronya, for one!”

Mei gently pushed Rinsy to the side, and Rinsy gave a look of fear to Sin Mal.

“Man, you got a funny look on your face! You’re that Kiana girl, right? Yeah, I definitely remember you! Though the last time we hung out was, like…I don’t know, that weird underwater sword quest thing?”

“Sin Mal.”

“Oh yeah? Oh, you’re that kitchen gal in a diaper suit! Shit, I keep forgetting your name, though…”

Mei stood up. Then she looked over her shoulder.

“Kiana, please wait for me in your room.”

Rinsy wasted no time, running away to follow that order.

“What was it again…? Oh yeah, Mei! You’re that gal who makes Bratnya act like Seele! Wait, what’s with the smile? Why do you look like Seele? Are those eyes gonna be red when you open them? Ow, my shoulder! Wait, no, no, no – ”

Soon enough, Rinsy found herself admitting that she was horroused by this new Mei.

Author’s Note: This brings me back to my early days of fanfic writing, days when I wrote MadoMagi fanfics. Also, I don’t know if it’s just me, but something clicked when I thought of Mei topping over Kiana (and by that, I mean Rinsy/the clone housing Sirin, of course, not the original one), and it made Kiana chasing after Mei look stupid. Maybe it was the meme video I made the other day…

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