Milestones, Turning Points, and Activity Updates – November 2020

Advent has begun.

I feel like I’ve been working harder this month. If not, then at the very least, I feel like the pressure pushing me to work harder has been noteworthy this month. Like, I added five minutes to my stationary biking session requirement, I’ve been getting some heavier projects in my day job, I’ve been more active in auditioning in Casting Call Club, I’ve been making more memes, and hey, I also got the motivation to write original fiction for the blog again! Heh, praise and thanks be to God Almighty very much again for the challenges and the guidance, then, and may He keep on helping us all.

Now, what did I manage to post this time?

  1. “Some Insomniac’s Guide to Being Properly Political” – Good grief, I think I’m floundering again.
  2. “The Five Rules I’d Set If I Have to Be a Teacher” – I’m probably more similar than I thought to that one strikingly questionable Philosophy professor I once had…
  3. “Shirou, Shiki, and Mikiya Walk into Ahnenerbe” – Actually, it’s more the Kokutou-Ryougi Family clashing against Shirou Emiya and Shiki Tohno. Also, it has a sequel hook.
  4. “I Wanna Say ‘I Love You’ At Least” – And I thought I’d never make and post another original song again.
  5. “Butterfly’s Flapping” – In which I attempt to fill in some Main Story blanks involving Seele and Bronya.
  6. “Grasshopper’s Struck Again” – My first fanfic for the Neptunia franchise, and it stars OC Makers. Though considering some really worthwhile feedback from a certain fanfic writer I look up to, I’m definitely going to write and post a sequel to or a reboot of this.
  7. “Seeing Thanksgiving with God’s Eyes” – A reblog of a post by my friend Mr. Menny. It has quite a story about some charity work.
  8. “True Punishment” – Shadow of Final Fantasy VI can be an even cooler dad.

Also, I’d like to plug some Third Eye Storytelling stuff: the first episode of horror audio drama series The Fable-Land, where I’m a panicky ball of snark and rage, and the trailer for the second half of the first season of Bullet Born.

And as usual, honest constructive feedback is highly encouraged and will be highly appreciated.

Feel free to say something!

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