Milestones, Turning Points, and Activity Updates – January 2021

Happy Feast Day, Saint John Bosco!

I guess it’s a nice way to finish this month, which has been another wild ride for me. I really felt crunch time at my day job and somehow got through it better than I expected, I started trying to meme everyday (especially with videos) and kinda broke through (even got wonderfully featured in a nice meme compilation), and my fanfic plans got taken over a lot by impulse hololive fanfic writing yet still managed to get one Monthly Girls’ Nozaki fanfic and one Infinite Stratos fanfic out here. Oh, and I’ve been working more closely with a Malaysian friend, and then there’s another insomniac musing. Praise and thanks be to God Almighty very much again for any good that comes out of those attempts of mine at being a more proper youth and a more proper adult.

Now, thinking about the coming month, what easily comes to mind are Lent and Valentine’s, and I get the feeling that the pain I’d be associating with those times had just paid me an advance visit this passing month. And of course, I still expect them to come around during the expected schedule. But unlike last year, I don’t think I’ll not post anything here on March. I mean, I think that it’ll be better for me to be busier now, especially considering how I’ve been discontinuing a bunch of once treasured Tobbywork plans and how I should be handling the weight of my remaining Tobbywork plans on top of them basic adult responsibilities, so yeah. As for Valentine’s? I’d like to receive a Friendzone Special from a cute lady at the very least.

I guess that’s it for this one, then. So, honest constructive feedback. Hand ’em over, folks. And may God Almighty keep on helping us all!

Dirt on the Killer Rabbit

Dirt on the Killer Rabbit

an Infinite Stratos fanfiction by The Overlord Bear

Summary: Tabane Shinonono has some conversations with her few visitors as she awaits execution.

Previous Part: “Dirt in the Killer Rabbit’s Eyes”

First Part: “Dirt Under the Killer Rabbit’s Paw”

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One Foot Off: A hololive Fantasy Origin Story

One Foot Off: A hololive Fantasy Origin Story

a hololive fanfiction by The Overlord Bear

Summary: Half-elf Fleya assists aspiring knight and best friend Noel on her self-imposed quest to defeat a notorious necromancer named Rushia, who was reported to have abducted a woman recently. Now, if only Fleya could convince Noel to not recklessly trust their shady rabbitkin informant…

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