Harem Manga Research

Harem Manga Research

a Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun/Monthly Girls’ Nozaki fanfiction by The Overlord Bear

Summary: Umetarou Nozaki considers writing a harem story as a future Sakiko Yumeno manga. He messes it up from the get-go by asking Rei Kashima for help first.

On Yet Another Whim from Yet Another Hobby

“My dear older sister may be the young maiden’s ideal beau, but I assure you, Mistress Sakiko Yumeno, that my dear older sister has the heart of a maiden longing for a charming man who will swoop her off her feet!”

“Is that so…?”

Umetarou Nozaki already had some striking hindsight with regards to Rei Kashima, but then again, they didn’t interact with each other much, for better or worse.

As for why he was bothering to talk with this girl even with that knowledge, it was, of course, for research. Well, that, and a whim. His galgaming sessions with Mikoshiba and Sakura had been rubbing off on him, after all. And then Yuu, the older Kashima sister, being the basis for a protagonist came to mind as he considered writing a harem story. Plus, Rei was weird, but perhaps her weirdness would be more of an advantage in this case?

“Is that…your boyfriend, Rei?”

“No! He is but a maiden unfortunately trapped in a man’s body!”

Now, Umetarou was starting to regret his impulsive attempt at a covert harem manga research plan, a plan where his first step was to meet up with Rei at her school after class hours.

Brutal Opinions

“Alright, tell me, what makes your dear older sister a maiden looking for love?”

“She wears the clothes of boys to be able to understand them better, to blend in better, to consider her myriad options better…”

And then Umetarou started wondering about whether or not Rei was part of her school’s Theater Club or something. Were Yuu’s thespian skills rubbing on Rei somehow?

“…and while this may sound somewhat indecent, I am strongly of the belief that my dear older sister would love to brawl into bed with her ideal beau! Oh, if only the beautiful Hori would bother to wear a dress to match with my handsome older sister!”

Now Umetarou was wondering about Hori-senpai being a harem protagonist…a reverse harem protagonist, that is. He could show the girl based on Hori-senpai being able to beat up the brother based on the Kashima Sisters that way, after all.


“Mistress Yumeno, is that not Young Mistress Sakura and Mistress Seo?”

At Rei’s question, Umetarou turned around and found two familiar girls hiding behind a corner.

The high school mangaka felt relief.

“Please ask the following questions and note down her answers for me,” Umetarou bowed as he gave some pieces of paper to Sakura and Seo. “I think this needs a lot more girl power.”

Sakura seemed distressed, and Seo seemed confused, but still, they cooperated.

Painfully Normal

“So what do you think of your older sister being romantically chased by a ton of boys?” Yuzuki read off the paper she held to Rei.

I’ll make you proud, Nozaki!” Chiyo had a fist on her chest as she awaited Rei’s answer with determination. “With your specific question and Yuzuki’s straightforwardness, we’ll get the most honest answer!”

“If the boys aren’t wearing dresses, then they’re definitely abnormal!” Rei answered with a smile as bright as the sun.

Nozaki should make another pen name!” Chiyo screamed in her mind.

Meanwhile, Yuzuki mirthfully laughed in agreement.

No Coincidence

“May I ask why you’re here, Young Mistress Sakura and Mistress Seo?” Rei asked. “And where has Mistress Yumeno gone off to?”

“Oh, the usual crush-chasing,” Yuzuki answered with a grin and a thumb behind her, much to Chiyo’s speechless shock. “Her one and only just ran off, though.”

“Wait, Young Mistress Sakura is attracted towards women?” Rei asked back, eyes widened and hand on her chin. “And an older one as well? How scandalous!”

Yuzuki then had to restrain Chiyo from strangling Rei.

Also, Chiyo fainted after realizing that Yuzuki and Rei were laughing at her.

“Curse you, Rei Kashima…” seeped out of Chiyo’s mouth along with her spirit.

Offhand Offense

“Ah, this brings me back to when I tried to have Chiyo rub her butt on Nozaki…” Yuzuki exhaled with another grin.

And then the girl also known as “Lorelei” saw Rei throwing a glare at her.

“What’s wrong?” Yuzuki asked.

“You sick degenerate,” Rei answered, appalled at the older girl’s coercion of such a young girl.

And as usual, Yuzuki did not get it.


Umetarou did not need to understand what they were saying. He could already see from his nearby hiding spot that Sakura and Seo were not making progress thanks to Rei’s weirdness.

“Nozaki? What are you doing hiding behind that signpost?”

The high school mangaka then looked over his shoulder to find Yuu Kashima in all her foppy glory.

“Are you here to pick up your horrible little sister?” Umetarou asked.

“Huh?” Yuu tilted her head with a frown. “Yeah. What did she do this time, though? And why are you even here at her school?”

At that, Umetarou found himself unable to answer. The Roman Academy Theater Club’s Prince may be horribly weird, but surely, she would have raging concern over her fellow high schooler trying to fish out harem manga research material from her middle schooler sister, right? The mangaka was really further regretting indulging his foolish curiosity now.

“Are you…in denial?” Yuu then asked with what seemed to be…amazement?

What was there for the older Kashima sister be amazed about, though? He was just doing research, and he decided to have two actual girls, who were his friends, talk to another girl, and a younger one at that, for him to make things easier. And Umetarou would bravely accept any misunderstanding suspicion that would come his way should they know about his attempts to talk with Rei, especially considering the nature of the work he would make with his research.

Thus, Umetarou felt a ton of disappointment at this perverted older sister who appeared to be encouraging a relationship between him and a middle school girl. And he would still be disappointed even if Yuu Kashima weren’t really encouraging such perversion, because such airheadedness would be a gigantic detriment to society.

Meanwhile, Yuu just thought that Umetarou was finally falling in love with Chiyo.

Tangle Spark

“My dear older sister!”

“Hey, Rei.”

So did the Kashima Sisters greet each other.

“What’s up with you, man?” a still confused Yuzuki asked Umetarou, who was glaring at the sisters.

“Those sisters are horrible,” the enraged mangaka muttered, “And now I have some villain character ideas for my manga.”

“Really?” Yuzuki beamed, and then she looked at the barely conscious Chiyo. “We did it!”

“Yay…” Chiyo slowly creaked up a smile and a thumbs up.

Suzuki then had to protect Mamiko from some foppy college bastards.

Of course, such was seen as badassery, turning Sakiko Yumeno into even more of a hit.

Very Concerning (1)

Of course, Sakiko Yumeno going dark was met with some hesitation.

“Evil…Kashimas?” Masayuki Hori raised an eyebrow at Nozaki’s manuscript and explanation. “I know they can piss us off, but they’re certainly not that bad, right?”

“That older sister is not aware of the true gravity beneath allowing her younger sister to interact with random men with questionable intentions…” Nozaki further explained.

Fortunately, Masayuki managed to clear up the misunderstanding with another Yuu Kashima beatdown that caused the handsome girl to explain the truth.

Unfortunately, the two Theater Club members then found themselves holding back the urge to unleash violence in response to Nozaki’s continued obliviousness regarding Chiyo’s feelings for the idiot mangaka.

Very Concerning (2)

As for Ken the Editor, he expected a moderate boost in popularity thanks to his charge’s tone shift, and that expectation was certainly met, considering the fan mail he was reading through for the boy.

Those two brothers touched our abandoned hearts!”

Why are those lovable airhead perverts so restrained by society?”

Please make a spin-off about the Cultured Brothers!”

He just wished that his charge had better foresight accompanying that stubbornness.

Author’s Note: Rei Kashima is quite a fun addition to the cast of Monthly Girls’ Nozaki.

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    1. Don’t worry, Mr. Gill, ’cause I’m not really expecting everyone to get what I’m talking about. Plus, I’m feeling quite appreciative of your comment! I mean, I still have a hard time grasping on the formal basics of a short story (and it should be noted that I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing), so more specifically knowing where I’m doing right, especially along with where I’m doing wrong, means a lot to me! Thank you very much for your feedback, then!

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