Introducing Lisa the Tearer

Introducing Lisa the Tearer

some commentary on Lisa the Tearer by his manager, The Overlord Bear/Jem De Ocampo

He’s a creepy slasher of the Freddy Krueger kind, and he has the hots for a certain Reaper employed by hololive, but for some reason, he’s allowing me to roast him as he has me write stuff about him. Then again, with skin that burnt and passion that fiery, what’s a roast to him?

For better or worse, society’s much more…relaxed, so to speak, about nuts being idols and entertainers and celebrities and whatever today, and the same goes for VTubers and their influences, but does this anime Freddy Krueger really think that he can be some virtual influencer, even if it’s just him going fanboy over hololive English‘s Calliope Mori? Like, the Freddy Krueger part is already raising a lot of red flags there, don’t you think? Plus, it seems like Calli already has a girlfriend in Kiara Takanashi. The heck is this guy trying to pull, then?

Then again, he told me that he expects his own execution everyday, though the only thing that matters to him now is, at the very least, making sure that the one who’d come pick his soul up would be Calli, not some other Reaper. But I don’t think that would be easy, even if he just settled for being friends with her, especially considering his character. Who knows, she may be actively avoiding him now, too.

Still, while I am baffled and worried by this guy who approached me one night asking for help to make him a star and all, he’s surprisingly easy to get along with.

Okay, who am I kidding? I’m just being a creep again, and I agreed to manage this nut because his single-minded thirst for Calli resonated with me, especially my own thirst for Calli, of course. I guess it’s like finding out that the aspects of myself I hate most have the potential to become tools for improvement somehow. Stuff like personas and Persona. And I’m a Persona fan. Though I’m not going to let these already questionable desires of ours go into even more questionable directions.

So yeah, meet Lisa the Tearer. And yes, that’s a pun on a certain line from that famously infamous movie named “The Room,” which Calli did a watch-along stream with before. I’m still wondering if he made a contract with Ina and/or is secretly pining for her underneath his bold proclamations for Calli. For that, I now dub his hashtag #LisaTheTearable.

Anyway, God Almighty save his soul and my soul and your souls. I’d tell you to not fall asleep, but I’m getting the feeling that a lot of you also have really bad sleep schedules. Also, we plan on posting videos twice a month. And before I intentionally forget this crap until the shriveled nut yanks me back to work, here’s his intro video down below, with the wonderful DeskFace doing the herculean task of channeling this guy’s spirit into public view.

Next Part: “On Heavily Managing Lisa the Tearer”

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