Milestones, Turning Points, and Activity Updates – February 2021

So peak season’s done at my day job, and the increased free time in my hands got me doing things I didn’t expect myself doing. Things like, you know, trying to go VTuber (and I have two videos there now, speaking of which). Working on that stuff then got me deciding to put trust in commissioning more skilled folks. Aside from the VTuber stuff, my latest song cover is also a product of that. Praise and thanks be to God Almighty very much for those good folks I commissioned, alright, and I pray for more worthwhile times with such people, too.

In the more usual news, I got two Honkai Impact 3 fanfictions and one Persona 4 fanfiction out this month. Aside from one big project that’s still in the works after a long while, I haven’t had much motivation for writing fanfiction lately. Putting more focus on YouTube content creation is certainly a factor in that. I still have motivation for stuff like insomniac musings, though. And hopefully, I’ll be able to get a new TRY up in the coming month.

Now, speaking of more YouTube stuff, Third Eye Storytelling’s getting some older Bullet Born episodes out on YouTube lately. And I voiced Siegfried Kaslana in a Cooking with Valkyries anime fandub. Oh, and I kinda added to my meme vids on YouTube this month, too?

As for other stuff, well, it seems like I’m having some good weight loss lately, also. And there’s me feeling like I might end up in a really wild ride during March and April this year. I don’t know how good and/or bad it exactly is, but I’m feeling like that. Though whatever happens, I pray that it all be according to God’s will.

So, I’d like some honest constructive feedback again now, as usual. And may God Almighty keep on helping us all.

Feel free to say something!

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