Milestones, Turning Points, and Activity Updates – March 2021

So I’m now a regular at my day job, and of course, the wild ride I got here as Tobby ended up different than I expected. Like, as if I couldn’t get any more normie, I’m probably becoming a daily vlogger as well. Oh well, at least it feels more me, I guess. And this suffering feels quite in the spirit of Lent! Praise and thanks be to God Almighty very much again, then.

Now, what else have I been posting this month? Well, I got one prompted short story, another prompted short story, some random hololive fanfiction, Lisa the Tearer madness, a vocal and arrange cover of my favorite BTS song, a Recommendation Yell for my favorite manga, and even more Lisa the Tearer madness.

Also, speaking of which, AK Enoch released a hololive parody animation, and I’m voicing in it. And I almost forgot about them meme videos I’ve been uploading this month. And that’s not all the evidence of my latest hardcore simp burst, but for the sake of personal energy conservation, I’m not gonna list literally everything there, of course~

As for my plans for the coming month of April? Break out of my shell of excessive hiding some more, budget my artistic investments some more, and pray to God Almighty for His humbling guidance upon me and my giant ego some more. I guess that’s basically it without spoilers? Yeah, I guess so.

Now, as usual, honest constructive feedback, please~ And God Almighty keep on helping us all~

Dream Collaboration with a Dream Invader

Dream Collaboration with a Dream Invader

some commentary on Lisa the Tearer by his manager, The Overlord Bear/Jem De Ocampo

This sort of video is part of the schedule, but he decided to rush it. And I’ll be worried if this makes us famous.

Previous Part: “If Lisa the Tearer Has to Be Doxxed…”

First Part: “Introducing Lisa the Tearer”

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Tobby’s Recommendation Yell: Ao-chan Can’t Study!

Tobby’s Recommendation Yell: Ao-chan Can’t Study!

beta-read by ThatOtherGabby

It’s an extraordinarily pure story about ordinarily dirty people, a hilariously wholesome subversion of ridiculously hollow storytelling, and a beautifully hidden trove in annoyingly plain soil. Indeed, I now have something I can definitely call my favorite manga.

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BTS – Blood, Sweat, and Tears – TOB Vocal + Arrange Cover

Just like my cover of NCT 127’s “Cherry Bomb,” this cover was something I started working on years ago but put off multiple times for so long. Like, I made the instrumental years ago, but I’ve never really recorded vocals, had them mixed, and got a video made after that until this year. And the fact that this production is even out here is particularly surprising thanks to certain pieces of my personal history. But maybe it’s not really that surprising, now that I think about it, considering the significant influence those pieces had on this. Maybe I won’t be able to show this off to her anymore, but hey, there’s still my family, for one, and I really should treasure my family more.

Anyway, more about the technical stuff in the cover, well, I never really thought that deeply about it until I started prepping my vocal recordings for this, but I aimed for a more subdued vibe with this cover. It’s not as groovy and sexy as the original, yeah, but I like to think that this cover managed to emphasize the senses of resignation and brokenness I think the song also has. Big props and thanks to Shigeru, who previously worked on my “Donut Hole” cover, for helping me work that out through the audio with his vocal mix and mastering, too!

And then there’s OK!NA, who worked on the illustration for this cover! She seems to have quite the sense with purple, and I’m also quite impressed by the way she drew my hairy mug with the visual aesthetic of “Blood, Sweat, and Tears!” The red blindfold’s a pretty nice touch, too, and I don’t think I’ve told her this yet, as I forgot to do so, but it brings me back to my interest in eyes and vision, especially through KagePro, hahaha! Anyway, yeah, I’d like to send big credit and thanks to her as well for helping me work on this thing!

Now, here are two links: one to the cover mp3 and another to the arrange instrumental. Don’t forget to credit and link me as well if you’re using the stuff out there, okay?

And of course, honest constructive feedback is highly encouraged and will be highly appreciated!

If Lisa the Tearer Has to Be Doxxed…

If Lisa the Tearer Has to Be Doxxed…

some commentary on Lisa the Tearer by his manager, The Overlord Bear/Jem De Ocampo

A lot of us would think that he deserves to have his juicy privates out in the open and dissected into a million pieces, no?

Previous Part: “On Heavily Managing Lisa the Tearer”

First Part: “Introducing Lisa the Tearer”

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The Amenator

The Amenator

a hololive fanfiction by The Overlord Bear

Summary: The time traveler known as Ame came across a little too much bad luck during a wife-stealing spree, leading her to take a break and recover her resources in the future she randomly sent herself to. Fortunately, her Atlantean best friend Gura is there with a very interesting idea for a fun and profitable change of pace…

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A More Fun Work Web at the Lab

A More Fun Work Web at the Lab

a prompted short story by The Overlord Bear/Jem De Ocampo

Prompt (from r/WritingPrompts): “you are a scientist that works for an organization. They experiment with genetically modified spiders, and have forced you to work with a very annoying assistant. One day, while your assistant is being annoying, one of the spiders yells ‘shut the fuck up, Daryl!’”

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