If Lisa the Tearer Has to Be Doxxed…

If Lisa the Tearer Has to Be Doxxed…

some commentary on Lisa the Tearer by his manager, The Overlord Bear/Jem De Ocampo

A lot of us would think that he deserves to have his juicy privates out in the open and dissected into a million pieces, no?

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First Part: “Introducing Lisa the Tearer”

Let’s say that Lisa the Tearer deserves to be doxxed. What could he be beneath the mask, then?

Well, before we speculate about those particulars, let’s ask ourselves three questions about how we’ll view him.

First, maybe we shouldn’t think that he had a tragic past at first? He’s done a lot of heinous crimes, after all. And he may be doing more right under our noses.

Second, maybe we shouldn’t think that he’s as powerful as he makes us think? Even he admits that he’s not a god or the God. And even with the whole power symbolism attached to them, scars still imply that he can be hurt.

Third, maybe we shouldn’t think that we can’t dig up anything about his background? I mean, being able to do that isn’t just because of the info digger’s own skills, after all. Even the primary sources we want to gather from can make it easier for us through their stupidity.

With all that said, I’ll now present my own speculations about who Lisa the Tearer was before he became Lisa the Tearer.

See, I think of Lisa as someone who was born with a really faulty nervous system. Like, you know, a sociopath? Probably killed animals as a kid, poor parents have a hard time believing that they had such an evil son, all that schtick. Maybe he even had really kind and faithful parents who believed that he’ll become better one way or another.

And speaking of parents, maybe that’s how Lisa met Calli. Lisa’s parents were so kind, they had to die sooner, and their Reaper was Calli. Lisa, being such a weirdo, felt imprinted on by Our Boy, and then he ended up looking at her like he’s her soulmate as he grew up.

As for how Lisa grew up, he was adopted by a kind rich couple who couldn’t have kids of their own. Also, Lisa eventually learned that he had to hide his bad habits from his folks and society, and among those bad habits is his habit of dating mentally troubled ladies. He would enable their self-destructive behavior, making them think that he loves them through that. And once they’re pushed enough into actually trying to take the easy way out, he would pretend to be a suicide assistant who would plunge knives into the girls’ chests, and as they lay dying, he would reveal to them that he just used them to summon Calli, thus giving him more entertainment as he faced the likely arrival of Reapers that are not Calli. And of course, the Reapers consider him very likely to go to hell, if not bound to go to hell.

How was he able to get away with all that, then? Well, maybe he had a dirty cop friend. And maybe Lisa didn’t really last long with his serial killing. Like, he probably started doing it while he was a university student, one with such a good reputation built throughout the years that people would struggle to believe that he’s such a man even in the face of solid evidence. Still, he got exposed and sent to jail by his cop buddy.

And he died while in jail. Probably pissed off some crime lord getting special treatment there by trying to date one of his paid beauties, and the crime lord was feeling sadistic enough to burn him to death. But through sheer force of will, a will powered by his desire to be Reaped and rapped apart by Our Boy, and maybe some sudden update regarding his death schedule, Lisa’s spirit convinced some weird senior Reaper to bestow power upon the psycho.

And after Lisa spent some time getting used to his transformation, which probably involved a lot of murder as well, he then decided to get smarter about getting Calli to pick him up. He also found out about her hiatus for the sake of her VTuber work, so he decided to become a VTuber, too. And then he found me, probably after a lot more murders too.

It’s highly likely that I’m wrong, though. Bastard doesn’t really tell me, you know? Like, it took him nodding along to me so deliberately plus a talk for me to realize that he’s been playing me around not only here but also way before this. Yes, I’m pissed right now. Especially at myself for having all that confidence propping up that weak caution I had. Sure, maybe it keeps me from getting killed by Lisa, but still, my ego is very bruised. And yes, he’s been laughing at me for days. I gotta chill for now. Prayers are highly encouraged and will be highly appreciated, also.

Anyway, what do you think? Who do you think he was back then? Or are you just here for the video below? Well, whatever it is, don’t forget to send appreciation and consolation to Yuriririril for being this video’s Medium.

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