Villains are Supposed to Lose, Correct?

Villains are Supposed to Lose, Correct?

a prompted short story by The Overlord Bear/Jem De Ocampo

Prompt (from r/WritingPrompts): “You are the strongest supervillain in the universe. There is no one that can stop you. There is just one problem , you are addicted to losing.”

When you are smart, sadistic, immortal, and cultured like myself, the passage of time eventually causes you to think that perhaps you should start having some sort of code of honor to your work. You have all the time in the world, after all, no? And if immortal heroes eventually become villains, then would not immortal villains eventually become heroes? Like myself, an aspiring superhero who still has vestiges of his supervillainy, which manifests in how he would rather be known as a nameless man because this world is filled with fools who do not deserve to know his glorious name.

It all sounds simple, but then there is how fools today mix up “hero” and “villain.” You pummel a self-proclaimed hero into slavery, but as they plot to overthrow you while putting on a sycophantic mask, they let the prideful product called vengeance get the best of them, and they even start justifying their despicable attempts at stress relief. And now I remember one such boy, whom I once told “So you, an aspiring hero, are now allowing yourself to harass a poor woman like so?” His reply was “But you’re the strongest supervillain in the universe! And such a god should be approving of conquests like these, right?” Of course, I told him “You fools’ habit for assumptions will never cease to irritate me,” and then I killed him then and there. May his soul be purified, also.

To be fair, though, while I am giving fools more chances to be heroic, I have grown bored of both the thick cloud of rumor surrounding me and the tedious act of dispelling said cloud. For all their desire to defeat beings like myself, they attempt to do their work with so much pride, and I am certain that pride is the hallmark of villainy, which is always meant to be defeated, whether by being banished to hell or being reformed to heaven. Even I still struggle with that, and I fear that I am likely to fall back into that the more I become a hero.

And perhaps I will still remain immortal even as I become someone truly deserving of being called a hero. Perhaps that is the fitting punishment this prideful fool must have. But why am I still fearing punishment when I already know that it has led me to true heroism?

Perhaps that is a significant part of why I am still considered the strongest supervillain, then.

Author’s Note: Coming up with this stuff within around half a day definitely doesn’t give me much confidence, alright. On the other hand, I guess it can be good practice for writing off the top of my head? I mean, I guess I’ve been trying to improve with making content off the top of my head, considering stuff like my recent attempts at daily YouTube video posting…

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