Anti-Idol, Not Redefined Idol

Anti-Idol, Not Redefined Idol

some commentary on Lisa the Tearer by his manager, The Overlord Bear/Jem De Ocampo

With this, I open up a bit more about the principles I want to uphold through this VTuber project. Whether they’re really sound ideas that are actually being upheld or not is another bunch of stories, though.

Previous Part: “Dream Collaboration with a Dream Invader”

First Part: “Introducing Lisa the Tearer”

So I got a VTuber in my hands. Also, he’s currently a head right now, and I’m not going to explain that any further, but anyway, I got this VTuber, and he’s a creep like me. Obviously, he shouldn’t be a VTuber, let alone some celebrity even at the wannabe level, and he deserves the obscurity. I mean, whether or not a wannabe’s endearing, giving them a ton of attention elevates them to actual celebrity status already. We could call someone like that an “anti-idol,” but if even a single person likes them, then I wouldn’t consider that an “anti-idol.” I’d just consider such a figure a “redefined idol,” with my prime examples being the talents of hololive Production, who are memed as personalities along the lines of “entertainers/comedians, not idols.” And to me, “idols” is just another term for “celebrities.” Plus, what I’m seeing in holoPro and pretty much the rest of the VTuber scene is just more of the mixing between Eastern celebrity culture and Western celebrity culture. Along with that, I’m mixed about both sides by themselves, I’m mixed about how the two sides are mixing, and I feel like trying to figure out better ways to outsmart all that. In short, just another day with pop culture.

So what is an anti-idol to me, then? Well, they’re someone who exposes themselves to celebrity-creating attention but sabotages the formation of their fandom with a lot of self-awareness for the sake of helping their audience actually be better people. Wealth, pleasure, power, and honor are things they can live happily without, and they will hold up their idiocy as a mirror to yours, a mirror for you to deeply reflect on. If you think this sounds Christian or something like that, then that’s because it is, but I don’t like being so obvious and ham-fisted about it like how pop and Puritan cultures expect us nuts to be. And I’m still struggling with being subtle and creative with expressing my faith.

And hey, if you look at the VTuber I have and how he’s been acting, he’s not really an ideal anti-idol, especially not with how I’ve been forcing him to uphold my ideals here. Sure, Lisa the Tearer goes along with my schemes, but he’d rather see me go to hell with him. And what makes this work as his manager harder is how I don’t know if I’m giving him discipline or cruelty. Will a day come when I’ll have to kill him, too? If I have to, then I guess I will, but I pray that I never enjoy ending his life, let alone anyone else’s life.

After all, someone like me, who’s practically a demon with all this creepiness I’ve expressed, had been saved so many times by a God I don’t deserve, and I want to serve Him better and better.

Now, do send support to Genka, our poor and wonderful Medium for today. I guess we can call it an easier job, but it’s never easy to work with these pieces of crap – myself included – that I decided to try making proper fertilizer out of. Anyway, video’s below, and God Almighty keep on helping us all.

Next Part: “Anti-Idol, Not Redefined Idol”

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