Being Like Lisa the Tearerist

Being Like Lisa the Tearerist

some commentary on Lisa the Tearer by his manager, The Overlord Bear/Jem De Ocampo

The obscurity can make doing this stuff easier, and fame can make us even more dangerous. You can defeat us, but still, it’s way more complicated than we like to think.

Previous Part: “Tighter Chains on Lisa the Tearer”

First Part: “Introducing Lisa the Tearer”

Yeah, Lisa decided to have more of a body back. Maybe he has look that’s less horrifying than the last two, but in exchange, he’s upping the damage his words are giving. And then there’s how the two of us have been feeling more in sync here.

But I guess it’s inevitable no matter how many denials I make to whoever. I call him “Lisa the Tearable,” and he is terrible and tearable, but he’s also Lisa the Tearerist, sending messages with proud violence like our many fellow self-righteous fools do. I could’ve let him kill me when he threatened me to be his manager, too, but just like him, I’m too proud to let myself be killed for whatever reason.

So why do I still try to act like some sort of wise guy for you fellow self-righteous fools? Well, whether by Lisa getting bored of my backstabbing attempts or by you replacement cops going for my stinky ass, I’m gonna get wrecked because of this madness I helped make, so why not make the best out of what good I got left here?

Ah, I really should think up some more interesting stuff for these posts. Anyway, as usual, video’s down below. This video’s Medium is MedMig.Art, who’s also the creator of that one Ame rage fan animation, so yeah, send lots and lots of consolation to the poor guy Lisa and I dragged into this dumpster fire.

Next Part: “Imagine Lisa the Tearer as an Idol”

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