Imagine Lisa the Tearer as an Idol

Imagine Lisa the Tearer as an Idol

some commentary on Lisa the Tearer by his manager, The Overlord Bear/Jem De Ocampo

Idols gotta be polite? Idols need to rely on management? Idols can’t date and romance and all that? Lisa and I are gonna make sure that that makes sense, then!

Previous Part: “Being Like Lisa the Tearerist”

First Part: “Introducing Lisa the Tearer”

Look at Lisa the Tearer, our dear dream invader here. He works really hard, you know? Along with that hard work are his talents and skills in hurting stars and gathering mobs. Maybe he sucks at singing and dancing and gaming and entertaining in general, but he wouldn’t be great without his fans, right? He’ll always thank them…for being his beloved moneybags, of course!

Oh wait, not “moneybags.” He’s not really that desperate for money. Actually, it’s “cloutbags.” Yeah, cloutbags! Maybe that can be a good fandom name? But eh, who cares aside from the fans and the haters, right? Then again, that’s practically everyone, right?

Wait, we shouldn’t be so rude and sucky? Is it because we’re hurting your feelings instead of your favorite targets’ feelings? Well, for your information, we knows you’re a part of your favorite targets, too, and we always do our best to torture ourselves for your sake! We help each other out here somehow, if you haven’t noticed! We could be unleashing pretentious lessons on how we don’t need to get along as idol and manager, but we don’t want that. Or, well, I don’t want that, at the very least. I’m pretty sure that Lisa’s still getting away with a bunch of things I sorely mandate him not to do, see.

And speaking of which, if you ever think that idols not being allowed to date and romance and all that is total nonsense, well, here’s us putting some sense into that! And if the video below – which, mind you, has my low-profile cousin beesdeknees as the Medium – still ain’t enough, then I guess we’ll have to come up with stuff that’ll up the ick factor.

Also, whether or not the ick factor goes up or down, we’ll be focusing on music for the next two months. Modern idol formalities, y’know?

Next Part: “Persona 5 Royal – Take Over – Lisa the Tearer Vocal Cover”

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