Milestones, Turning Points, and Activity Updates – June 2021

So the second half of the year is about to start, and I feel like my life is currently having a big redirection again. I mean, among other things, my bucket list’s been reduced to two bullets, and my blog post schedule seems likelier to undergo a sudden big cleanup on top of the rearrangements and additions it’s been having recently. I’d be lying if I said that all that’s not making me feel worried, but at the same time, I wouldn’t trust myself to be right about even my own feelings most of the time. At the very least, though, I can be right, and if that happens, then that’s God’s work, not mine, hahaha~ XD

Anyway, this month has them music posts as planned: my English remix of Rikka and Calli’s “spiral tones” for the fanwork event, Lisa the Tearer singing “Take Over” from Persona 5 Royal, and Lisa the Tearer singing Yorushika’s “Burglar.” And then I went above and beyond what I promised in terms of June 2021 posts with a post about perversion inspired by Medieval Otaku’s reflection on a Combatants Will Be Dispatched! anime episode, and then there’s my attempt at a parable. More music shall come next month, and in terms of writing stories, I’m gonna post a fanfiction at the very least.

Also, the memes and vlogs continue, and while the updates are less frequent, I like to think that I have a bit better quality control on those productions now. And I’m back as Shohei the Shota in a hololive fan animation by AK Enoch~

Now, I think that’s as far as I should talk here. Looking forward to more honest constructive feedback, then, and God Almighty keep on helping us all.

Yorushika – Burglar – Lisa the Tearer Vocal Cover

Yorushika – Burglar – Lisa the Tearer Vocal Cover

some commentary on Lisa the Tearer by his manager, The Overlord Bear/Jem De Ocampo

Now here’s something that’s more like Lisa the Tearer, especially considering how much of a knockoff he is.

Previous Part: “Persona 5 Royal – Take Over – Lisa the Tearer Vocal Cover”

First Part: “Introducing Lisa the Tearer”

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Persona 5 Royal – Take Over – Lisa the Tearer Vocal Cover

Persona 5 Royal – Take Over – Lisa the Tearer Vocal Cover

some commentary on Lisa the Tearer by his manager, The Overlord Bear/Jem De Ocampo

And now, Lisa the Tearer surprising me with how his vocals work better than I expected over this song most folks would probably call him morally unfitting with.

Previous Part: “Imagine Lisa the Tearer as an Idol”

First Part: “Introducing Lisa the Tearer”

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Rikka and Calliope Mori – spiral tones – TOB English Remix

Now that I think about it some more, Calli seems to be taking it easy in “spiral tones”…though maybe a bit too easy, if you ask me, especially about how she uses the “out with the old, in with the new” messaging. Maybe it’s an attempt to stick to the idol tradition some more, though I think she’s already pushing said tradition’s limits well with her own brand of gap moe, for one. And then there’s how she’s jokingly called a boomer and a dad. Thinking about it that way, I’m even more underwhelmed by this “actual boomer dad trying and failing to fit in with the kids” level of competition I’m facing here, especially after going through the work I and my commissioned folks have done for this remix production.

Still, I’m pretty sure that a considerable effort was made for the original, and I do quite enjoy Rikka’s powerful songwriting and performance along with Lefty’s groovy arrangement. And while I never really thought about Calli’s work in “spiral tones” that deeply until I started writing this blog post, I had already intended to work this lyrical remix into a clapback of sorts, mostly because of how I really want to prove myself to Calli some more and how I think doing that would have to involve challenging her as well. Yeah, I could’ve tried to be more brutal with my remix lyrics, but I honestly think it’s good that I didn’t think about the original lyrics that far until now. And I could’ve had Rikka added to the illustration, but with the way I’m hijacking the track, well, I think I would’ve been more brutal if I had his face added there, hahaha…But anyway, this is still a chance to outdo that one previous fanwork event attempt of mine, so yeah, here’s me taking it.

Now, while I’m more confident in my lyrics and performance this time, my confidence is even more boosted by the audio engineering work, with Jenn handling timing and tuning, while Leanna handled mixing and mastering again. It’s not the first time I’ve had their services, but it is the first time I’ve had the full duo themselves working on my stuff, as Leanna also handled timing and tuning for that previous work due to Jenn being too busy at the time. Again, I got some freaking impressive work here, especially with how loud and clear my vocals sound. So yeah, thank you very much, you two!

As for the illustration, I commissioned Genka, who drew for one of my Lisa the Tearer vids before. I was intending to have only my avatar drawn, but then I felt like I might look too focused on myself, so I decided to have him draw Calli as well in a split screen. Also, I’m appreciating his shading skills even more now, especially after having watched the corresponding timelapse vid he sent me. Special mention also goes to my avatar’s gold/yellow eye, which has me amused while it reminds me of Shadow Selves from the Persona games. With all that said, thank you very much for your work, bro!

As for the video, I have some strangely particular confidence in my Japanese attempts there. And I intended to have the Japanese not be accompanied by English translation at first, but after realizing that I might be able to reference “Dead Poets Society” in English translation under one Japanese attempt, I decided to try having some more fun and add English translations to the rest of the attempts.

And speaking of boosted confidence, I got enough to share an mp3 copy and the lyrics sheet! Don’t forget to credit and link me if you’re using my stuff, of course~

But hey, with all that boosted confidence, honest and constructive feedback is even more encouraged here! Besides, I’d be defeating my messaging in this remix if I don’t do my best to encourage and appreciate that stuff. So yeah, go for it, people!

UPDATE (August 16, 2021): I made it… TwT