Persona 5 Royal – Take Over – Lisa the Tearer Vocal Cover

Persona 5 Royal – Take Over – Lisa the Tearer Vocal Cover

some commentary on Lisa the Tearer by his manager, The Overlord Bear/Jem De Ocampo

And now, Lisa the Tearer surprising me with how his vocals work better than I expected over this song most folks would probably call him morally unfitting with.

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First Part: “Introducing Lisa the Tearer”

Ah, yes, finally, we’ve begun the period where Lisa the Tearer has to not have an opinion more. Who knows, maybe we can even have extensions for it! But I won’t hope for too much, considering the curse (or blessing?) of obscurity I bring.

Anyway, first off is an English cover performance. This one’s from Japan, though, specifically a video game called Persona 5 Royal, the enhanced version of a woker installment of a popular role-playing game series which is also known for having iconic themes in English. The song, “Take Over,” is the battle theme that plays when you players manage to ambush enemies in the game. I wanted to cover it all by myself one day, and I was kinda reluctant about handing this over to the Lisa queue, but when I heard him sing it…

Well, yeah, I was surprisingly convinced to let him to go main vocals on it. At the very least, I’m on backing because he can’t do that, but that aside, he performed better than I expected. It makes me think of the whole “perform all sacrilegious acts for thine own justice” and “chained to hell” things I remember being said in a Persona Awakening in Persona 5, and honestly, Lisa’s voice makes it sound more like a weight that I should not get drunk on, which I think isn’t that bad a thing. I mean, it makes me feel better about keeping him in the dungeon again some more, and speaking of which, I really have to wise up about that even more…or have I already figured out that music is his one weakness? Ah, who knows? God Almighty keep on helping us all!

Also, today’s unlucky lackeys who got roped into this production are hellbell, who served as yet another Medium following yet another ripoff request from Lisa, and Shigeru, who didn’t touch Lisa’s voice a lot while he did audio engineering on our voices because that damn dream invader’s voice is just so freaking creepy. And we used Anthony Seeha’s instrumental recreation. Please send them support, especially prayers, everyone.

So yeah, enjoy a probably safer Lisa the Tearer video down below~ And here’s a link to the mp3 for you nuts who wanna be haunted even harder~

Next Part: “Yorushika – Burglar – Lisa the Tearer Vocal Cover”

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