Pure Perversion Morality

Pure Perversion Morality

some insomniac musings by The Overlord Bear/Jem De Ocampo

If you think I’m not being creepy when I’m being “cultured,” then I think that’s also you not having a good sense of morality.

When I follow what I call “pure perversion morality,” a morality based on degrees of perversion rather than purity versus perversion, I’m likelier to have friends…fair-weather friends, that is.

I mean, why are we pervs pervs? We want the most pleasure with the least pain, if we can’t have pain at all. And we do believe in “No pain, no gain.” It’s just that we’ll give more pain and less gain to those who don’t follow that the way we think the saying should be followed. As for those who do follow it well, we’ll give them more gain and less pain. We deserve a lot, but they deserve a lot more.

But pain doesn’t always mean gain, for there is such a thing as pain in vain. And not every pleasure is proper gain. Even a person who’d rather follow pure perversion morality can understand that. But us pervs would think that asking someone to rot in hell is meaningful pain. And that’s some fair-weather friendship from us, alright, which we would often despair about once we realize how we complain about that as much as we dish it out.

After all, what we pervs consider fair weather are the lighter degrees of perversion. To us, there is nothing else above those. We consider humanity lewd to the core, another bunch of sexually reproductive creatures with nowhere else to go but downward towards perversion and self-destruction. I mean, if sex is really that bad, then what does that make our existences as products of sex? And if humanity is being wholesome, then we consider them fake unless they’re also lewd, thus the apparently joking yet actually serious use of terms like “wholesome lewdness.” Meanwhile, the more shameless pervs would call that “kinda cultured,” and I’m sure that there are quite a bunch of folks with university degrees among them too…and I’m also a guy with a university degree.

And speaking of more shameless pervs, we pervs would be often plagued by paranoia, especially about the worst of our kind. We think that as long as we openly practice our lighter perversions, we won’t be able to lose even more control. But I’m sure that even we pervs don’t believe that as much as we want to. We know that we’re on deadly road, and we think that we can’t ever be any better, that we can’t really be pure. To us, purity is a facade to be inevitably destroyed or an ideal that is impossible to follow. With that, we both worship and demonize both the pure and the perverted, mixing their definitions up in our minds into something we feel would numb our pain that we are making in vain. And speaking of which, that’s also how we’re able to ask folks we look down on to rot in hell while we fetishize the denizens of hell at the same time, whether as heroes to support or as villains to defeat.

Yup, we perverts are just freaking voids believing that that’s all that humanity can be. We think we can be whatever we want, but at the same time, we know that we’ll never be satisfied unless we lie to ourselves. We say things like “Promises and rules are meant to be broken” so much in our attempts to numb all pain we experience, so much that reminding ourselves otherwise ends up feeling so hollow. We don’t understand sex, among many other things in life, and if we do try to understand it, we often have a hard time accepting that the truth, while freeing, isn’t always going to follow our every wish. With our lust for sex, we also lust for power, which also includes knowledge, which is supposed to be one of the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit. Thinking about all that stuff that way some more, I guess the Seven Deadly Sins are just seven variations of the desire to flex on God, which is never good, even if we’re trying to flex on Satan at the same time.

But hey, you know what the world was at first? A void. And then light came to be within it by His word. We can ask Him to switch the light off, though, and He will be able to do as we say. Aren’t we so awesome with how we’re able to order God around, then? We can even blame Him if things aren’t to our liking! And look at how the people of His time and place on earth even managed to give Him what they considered the worst punishment!

Still, I feel like we just played ourselves…though this realization feels more….enlightening. Way better than the enlightening of the Enlightenment, too. And I feel like I can try to stop being a pervert even through the pain of being insulted for having been one! I can even imagine and want and appreciate my worse fellows actually becoming better than me, and not by me being worse than them!

Did I just realize how that Jesus guy works, then? If so, then how the heck did dumb and perverted me manage to achieve that?

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