The Parable of the Electrician

The Parable of the Electrician

some insomniac musings by The Overlord Bear/Jem De Ocampo

This would probably remind you of Morgan Freeman too.

Imagine God as an electrician called to do repairs. Then imagine His caller being a frustrated person, one considering Him the last resort for a broken light switch that ended up cutting the power off of their whole house.

The Electrician isn’t welcomed well. At the doorway, the caller looks Him up and down, narrowing their eyes at the lack of fancy equipment, although they did say “At the very least, you arrived in an instant.” And then the caller rants on and on about how they did everything to fix the problem before calling because “As much as we have to rely on others, we have to rely on ourselves as well.”

The Electrician gives a wordless response to that, focusing more on fixing the broken light switch. Though He does start talking when He feels His caller getting a little too close behind Him.

“Please stand back and leave this to me,” He tells His caller.

“No, I have to understand how things are supposed to work,” His caller replies.

“You are not born to fully understand these things. If you were, then I would tell you, though you would still need to stand back when needed.”

“So you’re saying that I’m worthless?”

“No. This is just not part of your role in life.”

“You’re not me, you fool! Get out of my house!”

“Please allow me another a minute, then I shall leave.”

The caller does allow another minute, but still, they dislike the Electrician’s presence even more. To them, He is just another presumptuous human, and they do not believe that He would be able to fix things, with or without that extra minute.

When the minute passes, the Electrician leaves, even thanking His angered client for putting faith in Him, little it may have been. The caller scoffs at that, thinking it another facade, and they go check the supposedly broken light switch with the hopes of even more scoffing against the Electrician.

Flicking the switch, the light goes on. Flicking the other switches, they all go on. They are all on, with no flickering between on and off states.

The caller is still in disbelief, so they uncover the switch that started it all.

Again, the wires and other components seem like an incomprehensible mess to them.

And then they cover the switch back up, deciding to let it be and swallow their pride.

Days later, they would decide to send praise, apologies, gratitude, and requests to the Electrician, and eventually, they would become one of His regulars, painfully but persistently deciding to follow Him more and more obediently every time they interacted. They would also learn about how the world considers the Electrician a hack electrician, and they would have doubts about continuing to support Him, but they would put those doubts aside and keep on obeying Him the way He wants. The fact that they can’t ever be so great at wearing one of the Electrician’s many hats didn’t even seem like a big problem to them anymore, too, for they had already found a more fitting hat for themself.

And as usual, the world’s perverted love and deep hatred comes upon the Electrician and His followers, but still, His work continues and dignifies.

Now imagine another one of the Electrician’s callers being someone who has a special capability for electrical work. This one, a rich inventor, wants to understand more about how electricity and electrical systems work for the sake of an invention they were making, so they decided to call the one they thought to be the best electrician.

As usual, the Electrician arrives in an instant. This time, the caller receives Him well, giving Him food and drink and even chances to use the luxuries in their house, but He only takes a portion of the food and drink and none of the chances to use the luxuries in their house, which the caller considers a waste, especially since they think Him very much deserving of them all and more.

“What do you require my services for?” the Electrician goes straight to the point.

“I would like your opinion on the invention I am working on,” the caller replies with a smile.

The Electrician, who had already given said invention a look, replies in a heartbeat. “You have a talent for such things, but that one is of no worth to you.”

The caller is instantly angered by the Electrician’s response. “That is my life’s work! My magnum opus! I have sacrificed so much to be of Your caliber!”

“My caliber is not something you can ever reach.”

“Then why do I exist, you fool? Get out of my house!”

“I can show you a better path if you would just allow me a minute.”

But the caller does not allow a minute, and the Electrician is kicked out of the house. The Electrician sadly leaves, not planning on forcing His will upon such a stubborn soul, though He dearly hopes that they would call again sometime, especially after hearing the sounds of screaming and smashing from within their house.

Days later, the caller would be found dead, with the Electrician’s name written in their own blood underneath their index finger.

Once again, the Electrician is arrested, and His business is closed down. The people manage to convict Him again, too, reasoning that He contributed to the rich inventor’s persistent depression and eventual death, adding to His very long record yet again.

And once again, prison throws a party for their Best Friend. The Electrician’s loyal clients living outside prison also join the festivities.

Meanwhile, the rest of the world continues to lust for and look down on the apparently overrated Electrician, but still, His work continues and dignifies.

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