Extra on the Queen Bee!

Extra on the Queen Bee!

an Ao-chan Can’t Study! fanfiction by The Overlord Bear

Summary: Midori Kaneko gets pestered by a desperate Miyabi Takaoka. Midori then turns the tables for Miyabi’s sake as well.

“Hey, Micchan, let’s go on a date~”

Midori Kaneko, who was standing by a park vending machine during a random stroll, almost choked on her canned coffee at that sudden public aggression from Miyabi Takaoka, their school’s queen bee. It was a smiling aggression which also involved a hug on Midori’s free arm, and if the bespectacled girl hadn’t swallowed what’s inside her mouth and placed the can down already, she would’ve deliberately directed some coffee spit not only on Miyabi’s arm but also on Miyabi’s face.

“Hands off, pervert,” so Midori shoved Miyabi off by the latter’s face.

“Hey, you’re one to talk!” Miyabi snapped back after prying Midori’s hand off. “Ao told me about that little dressing room stunt you tried to pull on her before!”

At that, Midori grabbed Miyabi’s face again, though with more focus on the mouth this time.

“I’ll play along, then, Takaoka-san,” said the bespectacled girl as she stood up and let go of the lithe girl. “Let’s walk.”

“As handsy as ever, huh, Kaneko?” Miyabi glared as she rubbed her cheeks and walked beside Midori.

“I could say the same to you, Takaoka-san,” Midori glared back. “What do you want from me?”

“Ugh, I’m just feeling lonely, Kaneko,” Miyabi grumbled with a look forward. “Why can’t my crush be not taken by my stupid best friend?”

Midori rolled her eyes. “And why haven’t you tried to steal him from her?”

“Well!” Miyabi yelled, but she hesitated with a blush. “It’s just…not fair!”

The bespectacled girl snickered. “You care about them.”

“Yeah, I do, but where’s my reward?” the lithe girl spread her arms above herself. “I just want a guy as cute as Kijima for being such an awesome girl! Or a cute girl, if I don’t deserve a cute guy!”

“You know, even if you really were a lesbian, I’d still reject you,” Midori gave a sour smile to Miyabi. “Maybe even punch you in the face like how Horie-san punched me.”

And then Midori stopped to let out a louder laugh when she saw Miyabi stop to give her a dumbstruck look.

“It’s always the quiet ones, huh?” the lithe girl then managed to get out of her mouth. Then she sighed and hung her head. “Alright, I’ll treat you to a parfait as an apology. Let’s go, Kaneko.”

“Alright,” Midori nodded as she followed, also failing to resist a smile on her face at Miyabi’s funny heart.

“You know, it’s been a long while since I really felt like I’m making a new friend,” Miyabi said as she slowly spooned off her parfait. “That stupid Ao’s really something, huh?”

“Tell me about it,” Midori agreed as she ate her own parfait at a similar pace. “It’s a miracle that I still have some sanity after years of not having an actual friend at all.”

“Well, you are quite the hard and smart worker at school, as far as I know,” the lithe girl replied. “Still, yeah, I get ya there. Weird how Ao and I got along better after years of not having to deal with each other, too.”

“You have a heart, believe it or not,” the bespectacled girl sent a warm smile, which also turned into a teasing smirk. “Annoying, but there’s a considerable heart.”

Miyabi looked away with a blush. “Ugh, I wanna kick your ass so bad. You wanna turn this into a real date, then?”

Midori snorted. “Please, you’re a turn-off. Like, if Horie-san were a turn-off, if that’s even possible.”

Miyabi whapped her spoon on Midori’s head. “You just had to describe me that way, huh?”

Midori smirked again. “I’m beginning to better understand how you and Horie-san are best friends. It’s really funny, Takaoka-san.”

“And I’m beginning to understand how you have no friends, Kaneko,” Miyabi crossed her arms.

“At least I handle being alone and lonely better than you,” Midori added a glasses adjustment to her smirking barbs. “And you know, if you weren’t so mouthy about sensitive things, I’d be calling you cute too right now. You should learn more from Horie-san, then.”

“Please, that girl would teach me more about being a pervert if I stuck around her that closely,” Miyabi rolled her eyes. “I swear, if that girl ever comes up to me with an offer to have a threesome with Kijima or something, I will kick her ass.”

“What if she’s a masochist, though?” Midori found another opening. “Or what if you awakened her masochism?”

At that, Miyabi paled. “Please, no.”

“Huh, for a love-hunting jerk, you’re quite pure and straitlaced,” the bespectacled girl’s eyebrows rose. “And I thought you weren’t when I saw you read Horie-san’s father’s book.”

“Shut up, Kaneko,” the lithe girl scowled and chomped some bigger spoonfuls of parfait. “Do you even read that popular wisdom her old man makes?”

Midori let out another snort. “I have my perversions, but I’m not as uncultured as someone who likes to read that stuff. And that’s another reason why Horie-san – and by that, I mean Ao-chan – is way cuter than you.”

Miyabi groaned and put her face in her hands. “Can’t you have some mercy on a fellow idiot?”

“Not now, maybe later,” Midori replied in a heartbeat.

“I hate you,” Miyabi continued speaking into her hands.

“I hate you too,” Midori smirked again as she ate more of her parfait. “Thanks for the parfait, though.”

“Well, you better finish that before I finish mine, Kaneko,” Miyabi then raised her face with a hard look, “Because if you don’t, then I’ll be ditching you.”

“Challenge accepted,” Midori even flourished with her glasses.

The calculating Midori then won by a wide margin thanks to brain freeze on the overeager Miyabi’s part.

“Hey, girls! Wanna hang out somewhere fun?”

Midori wasted no time pulling Miyabi away from that foppy guy who just tried to hit on them.

“Hey, wait, Kaneko!” Miyabi found herself helpless in Midori’s grip. “The guy’s cute! He looks like Kijima, too!”

That last part irked Midori even more, and she didn’t think words would be enough to teach her desperate companion a lesson right now.

Thus, Midori decided to use her arms and an alley wall to trap Miyabi into one.


Midori then brought to the top of her mind her dark desires for a girl like Ao Horie. And speaking of which, Miyabi Takaoka was just slightly less innocent than Ao Horie. More forward and outgoing and annoying, certainly, but still quite the innocent girl.

“Did you know that I love corrupting pure little kittens like you, Takaoka-san?” the bespectacled girl then looked with half-lidded eyes and a small smile at the lithe girl. “I’m sure you already know that I said something like that to your best friend too.”

“Y-You can’t be serious…Right?” Miyabi tried to call Midori’s bluff. The latter had to even hold back a laugh at how easy the former now looked.

“What if I am?” Midori then moved to Miyabi’s ear, letting her breath wash over it and make their school’s queen bee shudder. “Imagine: Our school’s it girl leashed by some extra, and a female extra, at that. Everyone’s going to be so fascinated, I assure you. Everyone’s going to think that your protests are just a cute act.”

“Please…” said it girl started begging, eyes going teary, even, but Midori still wasn’t done.

“I know what you want, Miyabi Takaoka, and it’s not that wimpy little Takumi Kijima.” Midori felt a little bad about letting her jealousy leak there, but still, she continued talking. “You’re just an empty girl who wants someone controlling you and your whole life, and you’re just projecting your fantasies of a demonic lover wearing an angelic mask onto him. I can fill that role way better than he can. Now what if I told him about your research material for your love life? You’d crush not only him for being such a dumb hussy in the making, but also your best friend for being such a fan of her dirty old man’s works!”

And then came a slap from Miyabi. Midori held a wide grin and a side glance at that.

“You…You bitch!” red-faced Miyabi Takaoka yelled. “Fine, I’m dumb! I’m dumb and desperate enough to consult some hussy maker books! I don’t feel content with being our school’s queen bee! I want a king for myself, too! But I’m not going for just any man! I want a man as nice as Kijima, and I don’t want him to be so nice that he’s damn wimpy! And even though I’m fucking jealous of my own best friend for nabbing him, I’d wish them all the best if they’re meant to be! I won’t make it easy for them, but still! And newsflash: Ao already told Kijima the truth about herself and her old man! So you better shut the fuck up and keep your fucking hands to yourself, Kaneko, or I’ll rip your tits out and beat your four-eyed skull up with them!”

Grinning silence from Midori. Heavy breathing from Miyabi.

When Midori really felt like Miyabi was done, the bespectacled girl let out the laughter she had been holding back the whole time.

“W-What’s so funny, you crazy lesbian?” Miyabi stepped back, fear resurfacing.

“Well…” Midori breathed, taking some time to wipe her eyes and get the rest of her breath back, “I guess I kinda didn’t expect this lesson to go this well, Takaoka-san.”

At that, Miyabi was speechless.

And then Midori, who was still laughing, had to shield herself from Miyabi’s fists.

“You’re the worst friend someone can have!” their school’s improved queen bee shrieked, tearing up some more. “Ao would never do this to me!”

“So you consider me a friend, then?” Midori grinned as she managed to get a hold on Miyabi’s arms.

“No, you’re my slave, and you’re going to have dinner with me and Ao and Kijima at Ao’s house while I force you to read Ao’s old man’s books!”

Midori laughed even more. And then with a wink, she said:

“It’s a date, then, Miyabi-chan.”

In hindsight, Midori wished that she could’ve said something a bit raunchier, but at the very least, she got a good laugh out of the now stronger Miyabi’s embarrassment. The bespectacled girl even started reevaluating her ideal type of girl!

“And that’s how Miyabi-chan and I started dating.”

“We’re not even dating, Kaneko! And I don’t swing that way!”

Maybe their audience of the Hories, Yabe, and Kijima knew that Midori was just teasing, but they sure did find Midori’s teasing funny, judging from their laughter. It seemed like Miyabi wasn’t usually caught this off-guard, too.

“You know, Miyabi-chan,” Ao Horie started the commentary relay, “I think it’s your turn now.”

“I feel bad about laughing, Takaoka-san,” Takumi Kijima went up next, “But it’s just really weird to see you this embarrassed and Kaneko-san that outgoing.”

“I think I now have enough inspiration and motivation to write some yuri!” then came Hanasaki Horie. “A sex comedy yuri!”

“Don’t make the inspirations too obvious in your work, Horie-sensei,” Soichiro Yabe told the writer he supported. “It would be very rude to them and their newly formed bond of friendship.”

With those reactions, Midori shot another teasing look at Miyabi, who just so happened to turn to her with dark eyes.

“You can keep on looking for a boyfriend, Miyabi-chan,” Midori adjusted her glasses, “But if you’re ever up for a girl who’ll take care of you that way too…”

This time, the bespectacled girl didn’t regret getting a fist to the cheek.

Author’s Note: Hooray, I’ve written a fanfic for my favorite manga! And as sweet as Ao and Takumi are, I consider Midori the character I relate to the most, and I’d like to note that I’m actually a straight guy. And I think I really started writing this thanks to the thought of Miyabi being desperate and insensitive enough to try using Midori as a rebound, and then there’s the thought of how those two would cope with their unrequited loves together.

Also, I don’t know how much of a chance it has, but I really wish that the rest of Ao-chan Can’t Study! would get animated! Especially to see and hear Midori animated and voiced!

Feel free to say something!

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