Urashima of the Bottom Left

Urashima of the Bottom Left

a Nijisanji fanfiction by The Overlord Bear

Summary: As Finana Ryugu begun her entertainment career, her very first fan just had to open the box she had him hide.

Long before her fandom was named the Ryuguards, the pure gamer mermaid named Finana Ryugu had a Seaman named Urashima. He was a very loyal man with a gentlemanly demeanor, one who volunteered to serve his beautiful liege even with the knowledge that several days in her palace under the sea would mean a hundred years in his land above the sea…figuratively, because the Internet.

Still, Urashima always felt like the “ura” kanji his name had was not there for nothing. He held a deep longing for the mermaid he once saved from Dorito deficiency caused by a bunch of wannabe noscopers on the beach his city had, and that longing also made a part of him grow long quite often, especially when his beloved Fina lubricated her keyboard and enjoyed its clickety-clacks. He was quite ashamed of it, especially as he hoped that Finana would be as perverted as he was.

But Urashima held himself back and endured for their stability. While he wished to be quite intimate with Finana, she never asked him for such things, and he did not wish to impose on her life of insulation that much. He did care for her immediate pleasures, but he cared for her future joys a tad more.

So when Finana decided to leave her home and pursue an entertainer’s life, Urashima very much tried to up his efforts for her, but his liege had already done most of the preparations for that journey. Only one task remained after all that, and that task was assigned to her Seaman.

“This is one of my precious things! Please hide this box and never open it! Ever! Or you’ll take the knowledge of it to my stomach!”

How could Urashima refuse such a request, especially as her adorable voice carried those strange words? Certainly, they created quite a clashing feeling, but still, he felt motivated to work even harder for his beloved Fina’s sake! He even made sure to wear baggier pants to hide a particularly embarrassing hardness!

And so, they went back to the land of humans, which had become a lot more spacious with everyone there doing stuff more remotely. Finana even brought Urashima back to the beach where they first met, and they shared quiet smiles as they walked their way to the building of the company which had just accepted the pure gamer mermaid as one of their upcoming talents.

Now, while Finana was being oriented at her new job’s headquarters, Urashima got a closer look at the box he was tasked to hide.

It was a box with a strangely vivid image.

The image prominently displayed a familiar plastic thing in the shape of an egg.

Of course, Urashima put in back in his bag. That was not something an ordinary person would show off to the world, after all.

Still, Urashima did not think that his liege was that perverted. Maybe aware of such things, but not perverted. And he never noticed signs of her being such before (especially because he was more worried about his own signs, but he wouldn’t be admitting that out loud).

So what could actually be inside the box that Finana had him hide? Perhaps he could take a look? As long as nobody else saw, it would all be okay, right?

So consumed Urashima was by confusion and curiosity, he started speculating that the lurid packaging was actually a disguise for something tamer…and then he stopped worrying as he remembered how much he longed for his dear Fina to be perverted, especially as a certain part of him went too long again. It was all getting too hard, alright.

So Urashima cried to the hidden sky as he tore the forbidden box open.

What spilled out was just like the packaging showed.

Urashima felt himself age a century as he realized how uncultured his liege was compared to him.


The shocked Seaman asked that with so much force, a certain quartet of female degenerates in the building also found themselves with new hangout ideas.

And before Urashima could check if his appearance actually literally aged like that fairy tale man with a name similar to his…

So you’re looking forward to sleeping with the fishes, then?”

…the girl he betrayed spoke from behind him.

“Don’t you mean sleeping with the feesh?” Urashima asked with a smirk, not even looking over his shoulder. “Or are we going to have a culture fest with a school of fish?”

Who do you think you are?” the squeakily growling mermaid asked back. “My father?”

“Don’t you mean ‘My daddy?'” Urashima asked back, widening his smirk even further as he decided to look over his shoulder.

The feesh decided to follow through with her earlier promise then and there.

Urashima’s final thoughts?

“‘Finana’ rhyming with ‘piranha’ really isn’t a coincidence. Also, I’M BECOMING ONE WITH MY BELOVED FEESH! BUT I WISH I COULD’VE HELPED HER MAKE CAVI – “

Finana’s two new friends could only watch that scene with horrified silence and immediate forgetfulness.

Author’s Note: This is basically me trying to look classier with a dirty joke about an IRL person wearing a glorified anime-styled mask that apparently references the tale of Urashima Taro. But I don’t think you’ll easily believe that. I mean, I’m a bear, right?

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