Restless – A Lisa the Tearer Original Song

Restless – A Lisa the Tearer Original Song

some commentary on Lisa the Tearer by his manager, The Overlord Bear/Jem De Ocampo

It’s late, but finally, this VTuber project’s music arc’s gonna end with this release. Still gonna have trouble to deal with after that, though, but still.

Previous Part: “Rico Blanco – Amats – Lisa the Tearer Vocal Cover”

First Part: “Introducing Lisa the Tearer”

So to end these two months of Lisa the Tearer music uploads, we have an original song release, because hey, big identity establishment, am I right? I didn’t have Lisa in mind when I started working on this song, but it’s the best I could use from my dumpster of LMMS and GarageBand creations I felt my way through. I mean, there’s the Michael Jackson sound, and then there’s the whole insomniac madness all over the lyrics. I just had to kick the edge up a notch through the lyrics and the vocals.

Still, recording vocals, especially Lisa’s, for this was freaking hard, and Lisa thinks that that’s mainly because of the tight scheduling I’ve been making, which also led to this late upload. Not only do I agree with that, we’ve also agreed to never do music for this project again. Besides, we’ve been cooking up plans that Lisa’s more excited about, though of course, they’re making me more nervous as well. It makes the fact that we’re already six months into this project feel pretty small, you know?

Anyway, as for other stuff in this production, Shigeru did great wizardry with our music attempts again, shaping the vocals into something that helps make the overall track sound quite smooth and oppressive. Also, yay, an original song I wrote and produced with actually decent vocal audio quality~

As for the Medium work, which was provided by zennarv., the main reference is “Cherry Bomb”-Era NCT 127, particularly Taeyong lying on a table in the “Cherry Bomb” MV. Just when you thought that Lisa the Tearer had reached peak horrible, am I right? He even unironically enjoys it just like I do!

And now, here’s the mp3, the instrumental, and the lyrics sheet. I understand if you don’t feel like crediting us troublesome dumbasses, but I would love to be credited and linked if you do use that stuff there, so yeah.

And of course, send support, especially consolation, to those two good people I roped into this dumpster fire. And if you’re really up for death by boredom and other slow killers, video’s down below, yo~

Next Part: “Lisa the Tearer’s Harassment Habits”

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