Kiara Takanashi – SPARKS – TOB Vocal Cover

Another cover of a song written and produced by KIRA, and with the addition of this sunny phoenix named Kiara Takanashi, I’ve once again added variety to them musician VTubers I’ve covered, although they’re still all holos, hahaha~ Oh, and there’s also this production being probably the third one which I consider a vocal cover with added raps.

And yeah, this one’s a pretty impulse production. Or, well, more impulse than my usual, I guess. Though ironically, during the early parts of the recording process, I usually found myself going too slow with my singing. As for what I particularly like about my performance here, those would be my added raps and my rough and wild voice moments. Also, I think my video encoding skills improved some more here, considering how I figured out how to really make this vid HD with the tools I have. And it’s been a while since I last used a reprint of a source MV for a cover vid.

I’d also like to thank Shigeru very much again for continuing to wonderfully put up with this more or less weekly and month-long barrage of work I’ve been giving him right now. Special mention also goes to him keeping up with my orders that include rapping. Also, I’d like to apologize again for being slow with my responses to his updates, especially considering how I send all those orders with such short timeframes. Gotta take care of myself better and be less of a burden and more of a help not only for myself but also for others, alright.

And now, here’s this cover’s mp3.

And of course, don’t forget to give me honest constructive feedback, please~

Feel free to say something!

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