NCT 127 – Simon Says – TOB English Remix

Even as I thought that “Simon Says” would be an NCT song I’d be able to cover by myself, I once again found myself feeling how the original feels very much like a song performed by a group working together so well that they feel like they’re way more than the sum of their parts. And of course, there’s remembering that them boys trained very hard.

I feel like I’m improving, though, especially considering my performance in the bridge and, of course, my lyric writing in this remix. My certainty there increases when comparing this remix to my previous NCT cover, too. There’s also the feedback I got from Low Was Taken, who suggested that I add more backing vocals on top of doing mix and mastering, and man, I’d like to thank the guy very much for all that!

As for the visuals, illustrations were done by recent birthday man Genka! Happy Birthday and thanks very much again! And yes, we pretty much took pages from the visuals for my cover of BTS’s “Blood, Sweat, and Tears.” Of course, there are some new things, like a certain Roman numeral I’m making a pattern with lately…

Now, here’s this cover’s mp3, and here’s this remix’s lyrics sheet. Please remember to credit and link me if you’re using my stuff, yo~

Also, honest constructive feedback, please~

Feel free to say something!

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