Lisa the Tearable’s Harassment Habits

Lisa the Tearable’s Harassment Habits

some commentary on Lisa the Tearer by his manager, The Overlord Bear/Jem De Ocampo

And we’re back to this VTuber’s habit of talking people to death.

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First Part: “Introducing Lisa the Tearer”

I remember making mistakes whenever I tell Lisa the Tearer that he’s all talk, which, yes, he more or less is when it comes to harassing people. Like, seriously, whenever I exactly say “You’re all talk” to him, which has been happening more frequently than I expected, he would spend days and nights talking to me about his exploits, among other things, in very gruesome detail until his unpredictable attention span takes him out of the range of my senses for a while again. And I always feel like he’s holding back, which makes me both thankful and concerned.

And speaking of being all talk, the channeling process for him here is more focused on the audio than the video. It seems like lindsails and I have been trying to expose you less to the visual manifestations of his cursed shapeshifting body, but we’re inevitably following the concepts of the Bishounen Line and Nothing is Scarier here. If that doesn’t show so well in the video, then be thankful very much because you’ve been spared the horror. Sure, us roped-in lackeys, especially me, are gonna have some more sleepless nights, but at least you the public have to suffer less, right?

Oh, and before Lisa comes to invade my brain again, I’d like to tell you that you should just break him by talking. Like, don’t make him act beyond verbal harassment. Seriously, it’s that easy. Don’t be arrogant, people, especially with monsters like Lisa the Tearable! Or else you’ll end up like the video below and what’ll happen to me –

Next Part: “Lisa the Tearable’s Upgrading Slimeball Branding”

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