a Fate Series fanfiction by The Overlord Bear

Summary: In the middle of some on-the-job bickering, Luviagelita Edefelt and Rin Tohsaka end up disturbing a certain senpai who also happens to be the adoptive older sister of the older Tohsaka’s already taken crush…

“You know, Miss Tohsaka, I think you are disturbingly quite the sycophant to your betters, even by the standards of your people.”

“What, you white dumbasses don’t do the same, Edefelt? You’re all even proud of it when you’re all high up, because no one’s gonna hurt you that much!”

“Okay, it appears that you are under a worse temper than the usual tonight…” Luviagelita Edefelt distanced herself a few steps farther away as she walked with her best frienemy Rin Tohsaka.

“Why wouldn’t I when you and this stupid stick are all up on my ass!?” said best frienemy yelled as she threw out the aforementioned stick, which then let out a yelp as it hit a wall and then the ground on the residential street they were walking on in the night.

“Hey, that’s no way to treat a Mystic Code of the Kaleidoscope, Prissy Missy!” yelled back the star-topped golden stick that had red as her distinguishing color. “This sort of behavior only motivates me to prank you harder! Tell you what, I’ll even literally be up your always defenseless ass for at least a day!”

“Uhm, perhaps we should tone it down, Ruby, Rin?” a blue counterpart to the Mystic Code called Ruby peeked out from Luvia’s side. “And Luvia, please have some more sensitivity and respect. For one, your foreignness can only take you so far.”

“Miss Tohsaka still is quite a sycophant, though,” Luvia crossed her arms with her reply. “I mean, it is an honor to serve the likes of the Wizard Marshall, but even our cutthroat society has some etiquette.”

“And two beings here should listen to Sapphire,” Rin also crossed her arms as they kept walking. “I’m not gonna question why the Wizard Marshall assigned us who we got, but that won’t take away my right to complain to you bastards if you really deliberately get on my nerves!”

“Again, Rin Tohsaka is not only a suck-up, but also a poser!” Ruby declared like an overdramatic radio announcer, causing her wielder to toss her into the distance. “Aha! A chance to take you with me!”

And then the sharply curving Mystic Code crashed herself into a house.

Rin cringed, Luvia facepalmed, and Sapphire hung her starry head.

“Please take some responsibility, Rin,” the blue Mystic Code pleaded with a sigh.

“Alright, fine,” Rin marched ahead with clenched fists. “We can wipe their memories and all that, at least.”

And then Rin Tohsaka reached the family nameplate of the house she was certain Ruby crashed in.

Rin dearly hoped that she made a mistake in reading the nameplate. But that and the familiar traces of prana and patterns of mana told her that she definitely hadn’t.

“You look pale, Miss Tohsaka,” Luvia noted, and she took a look at what had Rin so afraid. “Oh, Emiya! Could this be Sherou’s house? If so, then you have placed yourself at quite the disadvantage, too!”

Luvia’s subsequent laughter had Rin pulling the girl in blue’s cheek towards her.

“Ow! What is the matter?” Luvia shouted in pain.

“Do you seriously not know how irritatingly dangerous this family is?” Rin turned with eyes popping out.

“And do you seriously not know that my family follows a more mercenary code, Miss Tohsaka?” Luvia pulled on the girl’s red cheek as well. “How you think yourself ahead of me in capturing Sherou’s heart is always so laughable!”

“Please, girls, stop this immaturity!” Sapphire tried to barge into the two’s quarreling.

But Luvia laughed some more, and then Rin started suplexing on the street.

Meanwhile, in Ruby’s crash site…

“So, do you want to be more of a Magical Girl?” Ruby asked the tall and slender albino young woman in the bath. “And yes, ‘Magical Girl’ has those capital letters because I can sense that you know the difference between Magecraft and Magic!”

“What is one of Zelretech’s creations doing here?” the young woman in the bath asked with a flat look.

“Oh, you know of me and my creator?” Ruby puffed her middle out. “But then again, what self-respecting Magus doesn’t?”

And then Ruby was wrapped up in a cocoon of shining white threads, which then got slammed to a wall with a single white thread leading to the young woman’s hand.

“What was that for!?” Ruby struggled against her bounds, only for the tangle to tighten. “Agh, you’re…choking me…Wait…this…kinda…feels good…”

At that, the young woman stopped the tightening, but she still did not release Ruby from the cocoon. “So why did you crash into my house, specifically the bathroom?”

“Well, instinct!” Ruby proudly declared. “And spite! My dumb charge Rin Tohsaka was pissing me off again, you know?”

At that name, the young woman’s eyebrows rose. “Rin Tohsaka, you say? That does make sense…”

“Wait, you know her?” If Ruby had a face, she’d having quite grin right now. “May I ask for your name, then, my dear wonderful young lady?”

Said wonderful young lady then displayed a charming yet terrifying smile that was part and parcel of her reputation as Homurahara Academy’s Snow Queen.

“Illyasviel Emiya is my name, my dear Kaleido Ruby.”

And while Ruby wasn’t going to say it out loud, she was pretty sure that her Queen Illyasviel turned up her heat with that coolness.

Outside the Emiya Residence, Luvia and Rin lied beside each other, bruised limbs spread out, eyes to the moonlit sky, and fancy clothes tattered up after their latest physical bout.

Again, Sapphire sighed.

“Wait,” Luvia blinked and turned to Rin, “Shouldn’t Sherou be home right now? And yes, I know you stalk him like I do. Though lately, Miss Fujimura and that Sheen boy have been making that difficult…”

If Luvia didn’t know any better about their homeroom and English teacher’s yakuza connections, she would’ve been confused about those two’s continued presence in their school and persistent video production antics in the neighborhood. And in that regard, shouldn’t they be showing up with their suspiciously convenient Tiger Dojo filming blockade again?

“Your class gives me mixed feelings, Luvia,” Rin answered, hollowing eyes still looking to the sky while interrupting Luvia’s wondering.

“Already lost confidence against me, Miss Tohsaka?” Luvia tried to banter, but she was also finding Rin’s response oddly unnerving, for her best frienemy wasn’t someone who usually called her by her proper nickname.

“You know, Luvia, I think I’m just stupid about chasing Emiya-kun,” the girl in red continued.

“Is…Is that so?” the girl in blue responded with even more confusion. What was happening to her normally hotheaded and overconfident best frienemy? “Why do you think so?”

“I had a younger sister, you know?”

“What?” was Luvia’s only word to that apparent sharp curve. Meanwhile, Sapphire seemed to be listening intently, judging from the way she came closer and bowed her head.

“Like,” Rin continued with a gulp, “You know how traditional Magus families only have to have one heir? I was chosen as the heir, while my younger sister got given away to another family…the Matous.”

Luvia and Sapphire winced at that revelation. Still, while they would keep quiet and let Rin vent some more, they did not understand what that had to do with her lack of confidence in pursuing Shirou Emiya…though Luvia was starting to get a sinking feeling as she considered the possibilities.

“My…Our guardian, Kirei Kotomine, he killed Zouken Matou some time after killing…Tokiomi Tohsaka. And our mother Aoi. And Kariya Matou.”

Luvia’s jaw dropped, and the revelation was jarring especially thanks to the fact that Kotomine’s daughter Caren Hortensia was their classmate as well. Suddenly, the distance between the girl in red and the girl of the church made more sense to her.

Rin kept on talking, tears starting to stream out of her eyes.

“That fake priest still is a sadistic and murderous bastard, but somehow, after a certain disaster he caused with another man, that other man got him to tone it down.”

Luvia remembered a certain Fuyuki City event that was stopped, an event that involved the Fifth Magic and got covered up so much, something that a certain Lord El-Melloi II would often grimly discourage her from learning about. And then she remembered records of incidents where Kiritsugu Emiya had proved himself quite the fierce and protective yet also kind and caring husband and father above anything else. Still…

“So? You’re actually humbler than you seem, Rin, especially with your admissions here,” Luvia couldn’t help replying that way to her best friend’s vulnerability. “Would he and his family not recognize that?”

“The Emiya men would,” Rin replied with a hollow smile. “And I could convince the women, but…”

“Drop the tsundere madness already, Rin-chan.”

Long white hair, sharp red eyes, elegant purple clothing.

Again, Luvia was mesmerized by the beauty of Homurahara Academy’s Snow Queen, a young who also happened to be an Einzbern daughter, though she, along with her immediate family, was estranged from the Einzbern Clan itself. That fact, along with the fascinating eccentricities of her family, made her seem even more beautiful to Luvia, too.

And again, Luvia wondered why she only had Shirou Emiya as her target, especially with how much the Snow Queen made the transferred Edefelt’s heart race.

“How are you and Sakura doing?” Illyasviel Emiya continued with a closed-eyed smile at the distressed girl in red.

Luvia then recalled the purple-haired freshman who might as well be Shirou’s shy best friend thanks to how much she was seen around him. And now that Luvia thought about it some more, the connections closing in on a certain possibility made that sinking feeling she was having feel even heavier.

“J-Just peachy…” Rin looked away, exhibiting a worse form of her already bad deception skills.

“You know, you haven’t been responding to my calls to secretly support our younger siblings on their dates, Rin,” Illyasviel continued, causing Luvia’s jaw to drop again as that sinking feeling began causing an overwhelming flood of realization. “What’s keeping you, then?”

“Oh, you know…work…dreams…hahaha…” Rin let out another weak reply.

“Okay, now this is getting pitifully boring.” Illyasviel then turned to Luvia. “Hello, Luvia. Oh, and please, just call me Illya.”

“Hello, Illya,” Luvia managed to greet without turning into a blubbering mess like most of their classmates did at the Snow Queen’s kindness, though the girl in blue still had nervousness, which she further fought by pulling herself and Rin up. “Fine night we are having, is it not? Also, we apologize for, uh, the disturbance.”

“Finally, you two crazy bitches remembered us!” Ruby flew out from behind Illya with a flip. “I was starting to get worried for poor Sapphire here, too!”

“Ruby, please remember how much my silence has made you happy,” Sapphire groaned.

“Oh, don’t worry, Luvia, it’s not the fault of any of you three,” Illya started letting out some venom, eyes and smile growing sharper and more focused. “As for Rin…”

Illya then threw a fist to the face of the incoming red blur beside her.

Luvia also happened to catch a flying tooth with her hands.

“Ooh, even I felt that…” Ruby commented as she pulled back.

Then Homurahara Academy’s Snow Queen, who was also the Homurahara Academy’s current Boxing Club President, dragged the whimpering Rin by the scruff of her neck.

“Time for another sleepover to help you stop that overdone angsting,” Illya said. “And don’t try to take advantage of Shirou and Papa’s gullibility. Mama and I will team up if you do. And you know we don’t usually team up.”

“Yes, Ma’am…” Rin croaked.

“May I join you?” Luvia stepped forward.

“Sure, why not?” Illya gave an even brighter smile. “Don’t forget your Kaleido Stick buddies! They seem to be pretty manageable, too.”

“Kinda sucks that she’s so straitlaced, but eh, still gonna be fun!” Ruby followed.

“Don’t forget your assignment, you two,” Sapphire added.

“What assignment?” Illya asked with a look of interest.

“Oh, gather Class Cards,” Ruby rattled off. “Holy Grail War Class Cards, you know?”

And then the temperature went down significantly. Two more albino women made their presences more known as well.

Once again, Luvia facepalmed, and Sapphire hung her starry head.

“Well, at least this assignment shall be easier now?” Luvia tried to reassure as she moved herself to a distance behind Illya and the two maids, the stern Sella and the stoic Leysritt. Certainly, the Snow Queen had such beauty even while being terrifying, but the girl in blue couldn’t help feeling like she was also to blame for that deep-seated rage that Ruby directly reawakened further.

“Yes, look at the bright side…” Sapphire guiltily agreed, moving into position behind Illya as well.

And that bright side turned out to be brighter than they thought. For one, Luvia started getting into video games thanks to Illya! Luvia also felt like she could hang around more comfortably with the grumpy Lord El-Melloi II with that!

And of course, Zelretech would find himself looking over his shoulder for the next couple days for the sake of his pride, for Illyasviel Emiya could be quite the vindictive prankster.

“Illya-nee, we’re home!”

“Hey there, Shirou! You and Sakura had a fun night?”

Luvia felt envy at the sight of Sakura Matou hand-in-hand with Shirou Emiya, with the confirmed couple blushing at Illya’s insinuation, but the Edefelt fought against that envy, otherwise she’d be no better than her best frienemy. And speaking of which…

“We did…Nee-san…”


“No, not you, Tohsaka-san.”

Again, Rin Tohsaka turned into Luviagelita Edefelt’s best friend…just a little bit. The girl in red still had a lot of personal flaws to fix, after all. Especially her sycophantic and cowardly tendencies.

“Oh yeah, where’s Fuji-nee and Shinji?” Illya asked as she went back to eating the delicious breakfast prepared by Illya and the Emiya Family maids (and Luvia still needed to find out how Shirou’s cooking tasted to really confirm the modesty the albino women claimed about their own cooking). “Doing Tiger Dojo stuff?”

“I think so,” Shirou answered as he served himself and Sakura their breakfast. “They had their costumes on. Oh, and I found out that – ”



Then came a brown-haired woman in a kendo outfit and a blue-haired young man in PE clothes, breaking into zany poses in front of those having breakfast.

“Hey, that was a pretty good entrance and intro, Shinji-kun!” Taiga Fujimura beamed at her lackey in madness.

“I’m still serious about the Student numbering, though, you crazy woman,” Shinji Matou frowned at his boss in madness.

“And the answer is still no, you two,” Illya slammed a fist on the dining table. “You’re all wacky enough already, and I have an image to maintain.”

Everyone else except Luvia and the Kaleido Sticks coughed as they held back their laughter at that last part. And then the exceptions laughed as they realized how even more similar Illya and Rin were than they seemed. Both girls in question ended up scowling around as they sensed humor being made at their expense, of course.

And then the front door slammed open.

“Mama and Papa are back home! Now who wants to help finish filming the Tiger Dojo demo?”

Irisviel Emiya entered first, wearing some magical girl cosplay that somehow still looked good on her even though she clearly looked beyond the character’s age. “Ooh, new cosplay buddy?” her eyes gained an overly bright sparkle as she spotted Luvia. “And Rin, how are you and your sister?” the Emiya mother then turned to the older Tohsaka.

“Just peachy!” Rin sat up with a fearful fake smile, also exposing that one gap in her teeth (its former filling being something Luvia also put under Rin’s pillow to safely see if the Tooth Fairy really did exist, though results were not yet confirmed). “Also, I gotta go home and prepare for school soon!”

“Iri finds a way, Rin. Iri finds a way.”

And then there was Kiritsugu Emiya, weathered face aimed to the ceiling as he walked in wearing a shirt with a magical girl print and carrying a bunch of colorful bags.

“Yes, I do find a way!” Irisviel winked with a thumbs-up, also causing Taiga and Shinji to howl and jump around like monkeys.

“THAT’S OUR PRODUCER!” Taiga also said.


“So, who’s up for a dine-and-dash?” Illya then asked.

Tiger Dojo still ended up made and broadcasted, of course, for it was meant to be a show about epic fails, and Iri always found a way.

Author’s Note: You can also call this an expression of my interest levels in Prisma Illya.

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