Lisa the Tearable’s Upgrading Slimeball Branding

Lisa the Tearable’s Upgrading Slimeball Branding

some commentary on Lisa the Tearer by his manager, The Overlord Bear/Jem De Ocampo

Again, I use the stupid little term I call “actual freaking trap,” and this time, I’m using it to describe Lisa the Tearer here.

Previous Part: “Lisa the Tearable’s Harassment Habits”

First Part: “Introducing Lisa the Tearer”

And now, Lisa the Tearer looks more like his feminine name. But of course, he didn’t turn himself into a girl, even though he can live his daily life in our dreams as one. He’s already living life too easily, after all, so why would he make it even easier?

Fortunately, he has such an ugly voice to match his very ugly personality at the very least. We might be able to describe him as the “Subaru Oozora sounds like a demonic Donald Duck” joke turned serious. Whether we like him or not doesn’t matter. He always has a reason to torture and kill people. He just looks like a joke because like me, he sucks at marketing himself in ways aside from doing what he loves. And now, he’s looking forward to being even more of a sleazeball on cam and mic, especially since I and our unlucky lackeys are here to help him record his exploits.

And speaking of which, last I checked with Amei Arts, this video’s Medium, those splatters on the wall are blood, not whatever else they seem like in the video. But even if they weren’t blood, it’s still very Lisa the Tearer, right? And it still could’ve been worse.

So yeah, get your consolation ready, especially for our poor artist friend Lisa and I roped in. And maybe hope that YouTube excruciatingly curses us monsters who are too monstrous to live in your world of flip-floppiness?

Next Part: “Reminder: Lisa the Tearer is Unmonetizable”

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