Reminder: Lisa the Tearable is Unmonetizable

Reminder: Lisa the Tearable is Unmonetizable

some commentary on Lisa the Tearer by his manager, The Overlord Bear/Jem De Ocampo

At least you can still hope for us to remain small enough to be easily crushed by random account termination, right?

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First Part: “Introducing Lisa the Tearer”

Yes, I’m still alive. For better or worse, Lisa’s not gonna let me die that easily.

Now, I’d like to remind everyone that this dumb project that our dear psycho roped me and all them Mediums into is not intended to be monetized. Even Lisa himself knows that. But I am of the belief that villains don’t always need money and clout to be the menaces that they are. On top of that, I think villains only need the will to do so. Your power to keep us from ruining the world, then, is, for one, in keeping us obscure enough to be always threatened by great random account terminations against content creators who don’t meet social media platforms’ top cash and clout cow standards. You don’t need to scream out loud to the public that we don’t deserve to be recognized, because you’ll be defeating yourselves there otherwise. Again, even Lisa himself knows that.

Fortunately, you guys seem to doing a great job at keeping us under. But there’s still the possibility of this twisted project blowing up later on, and I don’t think deleting all this stuff, whether it blows up or not, would give us that much more security and integrity, if any. If something truly good comes out of all this, then I’d like to consider it purely God’s work, not us monsters’ work at all. So yeah.

Also, yes, with nianfuwa’s help, Lisa’s doing the Monika this time. And he did a drive-by with that chair and table when he paid me a visit in the video below. Again, please send more help.

Next Part: “Lisa the Tearable States the Obvious About Me Again”

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