Commander Mei’s “Treasured Finisher”

Commander Mei’s “Treasured Finisher”

a Honkai Impact 3 fanfiction by The Overlord Bear

Summary: When Squad Three Leader Mei Raiden gets a little too into fighting, a certain embarrassing little habit of hers slips out from where her heart is…


With her bright yellow gauntlets she named Kissy Pillow No. 4, Carole Pepper launched into the air a crowd of red-and-black creatures on the streets of St. Fontaine. Then she jumped back, calling for her male ally whose clothes were like a lighter contrast to their enemies.


He who called himself X (and he enjoyed using that plain codename of his to baffle people) then lifted the crowd of enemies higher with blazing swings from his greatsword of deceptive size. Then he pushed himself away, calling for their leader in blue and white.

“This is the end!”

The enemies were then blasted to bits by the lightning bolts Squad Three Leader Mei Raiden launched with her eyes closed in intense focus. Right after that, she made a graceful three-point landing, sword sheathed as quickly as she had…

Wait, had she drawn her sword during that attack?

Mei then opened her eyes to find the widened eyes and dropped jaws of her subordinates right in front of her.

“Did Commander just…” Carole started.

“…So that’s Commander’s ‘Treasured Finisher’…” X followed.

At those responses, Mei blushed and looked away, now concentrating towards maintaining her composure. She also gripped her sheathed sword more tightly with the one hand it was in, while her other hand grasped her chest.

But after some seconds of awkward silence, Mei tried to curb the awkwardness with a sigh, some smiles and laughter, and…

“Well, I guess it’s been too long since that last happened,” the Squad Leader walked past her subordinates, who immediately followed her without another word, warming her heart and staving off more of the awkwardness. “I don’t really know when I started doing it, but I still remember the first time someone told me about it.”

“Sister Mei, look! Other Seele’s doing her version of your Booba Sword Ultimate! And she’s really getting better at it!”

“Oh no.”

It was a training session at St. Freya Academy, and Mei was with her mostly younger friends. Suddenly, Seele Vollerei, who currently had her Other holding the reins on her body, summoned a spectral scythe out of her chest in her spar against Bronya Zaychik, who had summoned two spectral cannons around her, eliciting Rozaliya Olenyeva’s excited comment, which subsequently elicited Liliya Olenyeva’s dreading response.

Of course, Mei blushed as she put two and two together. But at the same time, she couldn’t believe it. “Wait, what do you mean by that?” she couldn’t help asking.

“Our energetic friends seem to have influenced you, Master Mei,” Rita Rossweisse answered, bowing in with a mischievous smile.

“You seem to have grown a habit of summoning a sword of lightning from your chest during moments of intense concentration in combat, Mei,” Bianka “Durandal” Ataegina followed up with more formality, though she also had a small smile on her face that matched Rita’s. “And this is not the first time that this has happened.”

“Wanna know how much money I made with that, Thunder Titfuck?” Sin Mal slithered out from one side with a very smug grin, only to get headlocked by Rita. “Auntie, Auntie!”

Mei could only turn away with widened eyes, a brightened blush, and a stare into the distance for some time as she tried to remember the exact specifics of how that habit of hers formed. All she could remember was the feeling of being high on fighting and the feeling of not having drawn her sword whenever it happened.

And then she locked eyes with Seele, who was still controlled by her Other as she walked back with Bronya.

Most opponents with enough of a brain get quite intimidated by that move, surprisingly,” Other Seele remarked with a cocky smile. “Perhaps it’s just my bloodthirst?”

“The inevitable has happened, it seems,” Bronya added, and Mei couldn’t help giving a betrayed look to someone she considered so close to her. “Your traits as an innocent fanservice girl have been manifesting even more, Sister Mei, and I must admit that it gives me joy as much as it gives me embarrassment.”

“I’m really sorry, Sister Mei!” Seele, now back to her regular self, did a frantic dogeza.

“Well, at least it boosts morale,” X commented after that recounting. “I checked.”

Mei gave him one of her notorious closed-eyed smiles. “Do you want me to cook your dinner or not?”

“I’m sorry, Commander,” X then did a dogeza with Carole, who was still trying to hold back her snickers. “We shall pretend that you do not have a finishing move that involves drawing blades of lightning out of your chest like a cheesy stylish action game character.” That added statement, which was still delivered in X’s usual monotone, caused Carole to break out into louder laughter and punch X in the face.

At that dorky scene in response to her own dorkiness, Mei sighed and smiled again. “Well, I’ll trust you two for now. But if you really embarrass me, then you won’t be having me cook for you whenever we work together.”

“”We’re sorry, Commander!”” Mei’s subordinates declared more seriously and simultaneously, causing Mei to giggle.

Author’s Note: Yes, Mei’s Genshin counterpart inspired this. Raiden Shogun’s Elemental Burst looks like something that would fit in a Bayonetta game, which is unsurprising coming from miHoYo, but is also surprising considering how it outcheeses thanks to how it’s done with such a straight face. So yeah, no matter how intimdating and morale-boosting it is, I can imagine both Mei and Raiden Shogun having it as a dorky habit they’re usually embarrassed about outside of battle. Now, how about we imagine the possibility of such a move being added if APHO ever gets updated?

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