God’s Love Through Our Need to Ask Him for What We Need

God’s Love Through Our Need to Ask Him for What We Need

some insomniac musings by The Overlord Bear/Jem De Ocampo

Why ask God for what we need when He could just shove it down our throats like we deserve, right?

As I tried to make sense of Jesus going “Ask, and it will be given you” (Matthew 7:7) and then going “You do not know what you are asking” (Matthew 20:22) later on in the same Gospel, I wondered about the point of asking God for what we need when He could just give it to us even when we don’t want it. I mean, we specks of dust He created are all fools who deserve myriad smackdowns into oblivion, right? And I bet that those who asked Christ to save Himself from crucifixion wondered about that as well, especially considering what they knew about God in what we now consider the Old Testament and how Christ had His moments of rage like when He drove out those turning the temple into a marketplace.

But I guess that we need to ask God for what we need because God respects the fact that we humans, fools we may be, have will, intellect, and reason like He does. And He does not only respect us, but He also loves us. We were made in His image and likeness, and He knows that perfectly. We foolish humans can only be His servants and never His masters, but that does not mean that He considers each and every one of us incapable of loving like He does. He won’t force what we need into us if we don’t ask for it somehow, and He will serve us what we need if we ask for it somehow. When He refuses to grant our wishes, it is never for the sake of it, and it is always to encourage us toward going above and beyond us fools’ mediocre expectations. He knows all the right answers, and He also knows that even telling us about them won’t ever be worth anything if we don’t want to believe in them at all. It’s definitely a pain even for Him to witness us doubting Him, but He loves us so much that He won’t ever force us to have faith in Him, even as that also means that there’s a chance that we’d choose to go to hell rather than to heaven. Sure, we can claim Him to be evil for letting us fools have the choice to be evil along with the choice to be good, but what do we naturally want to happen to evil? Vanquished and replaced by good, no? If there is no difference between good and evil, then we might as well stop our protests against what we consider injustices and our searches for what we consider dignity. Thus, with God clashing against us fools, we can know that not only good and evil exist, but also that they are two opposing concepts.

And if we fools have to ask for what we deserve like when we try to demand things like justice and love, why would we ask for evil against our evil hearts? To help us remember how painful evil really is? But we’re asking for justice and love because we already know more than enough about how painful evil really is, right? And if we find ourselves ignorant about what good truly is, then why wish that we were more lacking?

Well, we ask for such nonsense because of pride, the very thing that makes us fools. Remember how we say that love makes us stupid? That is one of pride’s lies right there. Pride cannot accept how love never needs to seek what it deserves, for love is perfection, everything it deserves, thus love is content already and all the time. Pride also cannot accept how love always moves to serve those who deserve better, for love could’ve left pride alone, but love would rather see those lacking, pride included, be content like it is. And pride thinks its imperfection perfection, refusing any and every protest while attempting to demand true dignity, which it refused to have in the first place, by coercing it out of reality. Meanwhile, love accepts the truth about itself being perfection along with pride being imperfection, and love shall fill imperfection and turn it into perfection, but love only corrects when asked for, and when it is asked for, it always goes above and beyond, for it is perfection always and forever, certainly unlike pride’s expectation of love to become imperfect whenever love serves.

And God Almighty acts exactly like love does. No wonder God is Love, then. And if love is war, then it is definitely not warring in the ways pride likes. Love clashes and rules as well, but love always wins because it always works toward improving imperfection into perfection, and love never really needs to and never will lord itself over everyone and everything. It is already Lord over everyone and everything, after all.

So if we ask for love, it shall offer itself to us. If we do not understand what it truly is, it shall let us know unless we refuse to know. And love letting us know the truth shall be painful, for you and I bear pride, but if we just let love keep doing its work, it shall free us from pride and make our pain meaningful.

Indeed, I do not know what I am asking for when I ask for love. But I wish to believe that it is good all the time, and I would rather have it war against me if it must than let myself live in a lying peace. Along with that, how love shall act is ultimately not up to me, for if it is perfection, then why must I expect my foolish self to be able to control it? In the end, even though I have to ask for love so that I can receive it, what shall save me is not the demand of this fool that I am. What shall save me is the word of love, the serving master I wish to follow, for love does not need to render such service, yet it chooses to render such service.

Praise and thanks be to God Who is Love and Truth very much again, then, and may He keep on helping us all.

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