Calliope Mori – end of a life – TOB Vocal Cover

Probably the first thing that motivated me to cover this song is the fact that it has an officially released instrumental (this one’s on iTunes, and this one’s on piapro), which is rare for a Calli track. Though if that really were the first thing, I don’t think I’d have tried as much as I did to sound emotional while recording my vocals for this cover.

And speaking of sounding emotional, I start to further think again about how I may really have acting talent, for better or worse. I mean, considering how more personal this song is to Calli than it is to me and my probably more normie ass, I feel like I’d also be scared if my performance here moves you to tears or something close to that. And again, I think about why I’d want to make my life out of stuff like singing and acting, especially considering the volume of horror stories I’ve come across about the scenes there and how I could just work this office-turned-home-based job for stuff like gaming achievement hunting and anime binge-watching. And then I remember how I’d rather live life like it’s one of the pieces of fiction I indulge in, but way better, whatever that’s supposed to be. I feel like I’m already living that life I want more and more, too. Praise and thanks be to God Almighty very much again, then, and may He keep on helping us all.

Also, I’d like to send big thanks to DarkHole for doing audio engineering on this cover. I particularly like the grainy feel put into the mix, and then there’s the wonderful work on my blended vocals.

And yes, I wrote and sang some translyrics based on Calli’s “Live Again.” Maybe it’s also a teaser for a future music upload.

Now, here’s an mp3 copy of this cover. And again, I’d like some honest constructive feedback.

Feel free to say something!

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