Milestones, Turning Points, and Activity Updates – November 2021

Another month comes to an end with another vacation for me, but this one has more family involved. A good change of pace, especially with the extra bit of time to play games, but as I long to go back to my more usual routine now, I wonder again about how much of a workaholic I am now and whether or not I’m going down the path I should be going down, among other things. I mean, one question I’m wondering about thanks to this vacation is “How like my family and unlike my family should I be?”

And then there’s the new liturgical year. As far as I know, the whole gift-giving traditions associated with the season we call Christmas is more of a secular thing, but it’s not like I shouldn’t be a good person during the season, let alone beyond the season, and virtue is something that can and should be applied to gift-giving as well, so yeah…I’d like to say that when it comes to gift-giving, I think I’d rather ask my loved ones straight to their faces and/or be asked by them straight to my face about what they want rather than assume about that. See, as much as I wish that I could give good surprises, I’m often more focused on myself for better or worse, and I’m very meticulous about accomplishing what I consider tasks, especially for my loved ones. Again, among other things, I wonder about how much I myself should rely on initiative and how much on directive…

Still, those are things I’d like to thank God very much for. Even a good life’s gotta have challenges, after all. And speaking of more things to thank Him for, there’s me managing to make and post them new meme vids, and then there are these posts of the month:

As for the next month…well, it’s my birthday month, my birthday’s the 13th, a Monday, and while greetings are obviously welcome, there likely, if not definitely, won’t be a post in this site on that day, whether you like it or not. The weekend before that, though, well, I got some big stuff coming up for that weekend, and of course, I hope they come out well. I also hope that I won’t have a too awkward time working up the stuff I’m planning for the month and year after as well, hahaha…

Now, again, I ask for honest constructive feedback, and may God keep on helping us all!

Feel free to say something!

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