Milestones, Turning Points, and Activity Updates – January 2022

Surprisingly, even to myself, I’m really streaming now. I’m doing that on YouTube, by the way, and I currently plan to stream more of myself playing Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel, Persona 4 Golden, and killer7. There’s also my discontinued Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade series if you wanna see me be more boring about that. Schedules? Well, if you want something definite, I’m currently trying to usually schedule a stream a day before I go live with it.

Anyway, how did me going more active with streaming happen? Well, I guess having finished the Lisa the Tearer Project is one thing. My covers of Suisei’s “comet” and “Her Trail on the Celestial Sphere” might be involved, and maybe the same goes for my cover of IRyS’s “Sparks of Joy,” but I’m very sure that my very disgusting remix of teniwoha’s “villain” is very much involved in them surprising developments. My ending of that Ahnenerbe trios fanfics thing? No involvement, but that’s also pretty disgusting.

Also, I made some more lame attempts at meme vids and a vlog that’s also memey. The horrors just won’t stop, alright! You want more warnings or hope or something, then? Well, the following month’s blog posts, aside from these monthly digests, might just be music covers all the way, with one definitely having me on weeb mode. I also got a one-shot fanfic I’ve kinda gotten back into writing, but I’m not sure when or if it’ll be done. I am sure that it is for a franchise I’m not really that into now, though.

So yeah, that’s it for this one. Wishing for honest constructive feedback again, though you’re also welcome to flame me. Gonna have to be smart as well about it if you really don’t want me to come back to this icky living of mine, of course. And of course, as a member of the most disgusting sort of Christians ever, I’d like to ask for this: God Almighty keep on helping us fools!

teniwoha – villain – actual freaking trap remix

Why does this musical attempt at a Gothic horror story tinged with Shakespearean tragedy and weeb madness made out of a Ranpo-influenced LGBT+ anthem originally sung by an androgynous Vocaloid exist? Well, it’s because I’m a disgusting straight man who likes to spend his time trying to flex on everyone with his huge-ass upper head and his pinprick lower head. To further prove that, I’d like to say that one of my fetishes is the man with feminine physical beauty hiding toxic raging straightness.

So yeah, I gotta say that I’m still surprised that the likes of Shigeru, Amei Arts, and Jaey of PLVTINUM not only bothered to work on this piece of garbage but also went beyond my expectations of them. Makes me remember the Resurrection-happy God I’ve killed a myriad number of times already. As for why I remember Him, it’s because I’m one of those pieces of scum that call themselves Catholics.

What else do I have to say? Here’s the mp3, and here’s the lyrics sheet, my fellow filthy animals, and I’m sure you can remember to credit and link my inflated ego if you’re ever using my stuff. Also, please interact with this proud man more, preferably in ways that take and keep him down several notches.

Suisei Hoshimachi – Her Trail on the Celestial Sphere – TOB English Cover

Working on covering Suisei’s second original song seems to have gotten me more conscious about expressing emotion through my vocals. Like, I think I was trying to be more yelling or something about it, but then I found myself also having more fun going with what I think’s a softer voice from me. As for the lyrics, they sure help make the song quite a complementary contrast to “comet,” no?

Also, DarkHole makes a comeback with that wonderfully grainy audio engineering! Thinking about his style some more, it sounds like something my younger self would’ve thought he could do easily. Unfortunately, stuff like engineering is not my strong suit…probably unless it’s social engineering, more unfortunately.

Anyway, I guess I got nothing else to say now other than here’s the mp3, here’s the lyrics sheet, please credit and link me if you’re using my stuff, and please give me honest constructive feedback~

Looking Back at the Lisa the Tearer Project

Looking Back at the Lisa the Tearer Project

some commentary on Lisa the Tearer by his manager, The Overlord Bear/Jem De Ocampo

If I had to generously describe in summary how this project turned out, I’d say that it’s a failed imitation of Drakengard.

Previous Part: “I’m So Done with Lisa the Tearer”

First Part: “Introducing Lisa the Tearer”

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Touko, Aoko, and Rin Walk into Ahnenerbe

Touko, Aoko, and Rin Walk into Ahnenerbe

a Nasuverse fanfiction by The Overlord Bear

Summary: Three mentor Magi ladies have a conversation about being mentor Magi and living life over drinks in a party.

Previous Part: “Shirou, Shiki, and Mikiya Walk into Ahnenerbe”

First Part: “Arc, Art, and Shiki Walk into Ahnenerbe”

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IRyS – Sparks of Joy – TOB Vocal Cover

Yeah, I’ve been waiting for an IRyS English original, alright. Also, this cover would’ve been uploaded at a later date, but today’s planned upload got delayed, and Shigeru was more of an efficiency monster than usual (Like, seriously, the freaking awesome mix here is the first version he showed me), giving me this opportunity to also go even more speed monster with this release.

As for my more detailed thoughts on the song, well, I love the happy grooviness and the scenery descriptions. And I think IRyS has more chic and charming vocals compared to my goofy and headfirst vocals. I wish she were in a casual outfit for the MV, though. And maybe it should have a turtleneck? And before I forget, I’d like to mention that steep drop from the bridge to the final chorus. That’s one tricky-ass part, alright.

Oh, and it may be a few months since the last one like this, but I feel like it’s been a while since I uploaded a vocal cover with just an mp3, hahaha~ Anyway, I’m looking for them honest constructive feedback like usual, yo!

Suisei Hoshimachi – comet – TOB English Cover

Singing Suisei Hoshimachi’s first original song is tougher than it sounds, if you ask me, especially with that softer voice she used in the original, and I guess the fact that I’m a guy with a guy voice factors in a lot there. Anyway, I think *Luna’s lyrics and Suisei’s performance deliver a more connecting vibe, while mine’s more into that self-assertion, an aspect I can imagine Suisei working well with, especially considering “Stellar Stellar.”

As for the audio engineering in this thing, MegaMat’s back, and I’m very impressed by how he managed to make the cover pack a wonderful punch with his sense of loudness especially. I hope my borderline wheezing vocals weren’t too much for you to edit, though! X”D

All that said, here’s this cover’s mp3, and here’s this cover’s lyrics sheet. Again, please credit and link me if you’re going to use my stuff, and of course, please give me honest constructive feedback!