Looking Back at the Lisa the Tearer Project

Looking Back at the Lisa the Tearer Project

some commentary on Lisa the Tearer by his manager, The Overlord Bear/Jem De Ocampo

If I had to generously describe in summary how this project turned out, I’d say that it’s a failed imitation of Drakengard.

Previous Part: “I’m So Done with Lisa the Tearer”

First Part: “Introducing Lisa the Tearer”

The primary impetus for this stupid little attempt of mine at a VTuber project where I also pretend to be an unfairly treated normal human guy stuck with some shoddy and shapeshifting anime mix of Freddy Krueger and The Joker? Thirst for Calliope Mori. Probably mostly the thirst to bully her with style (read: mass acceptance), though. I mean, I’m pretty slow at accepting that I don’t like something, and I think that’s the case with “Off With Their Heads,” which I think does have appeal…more as a novelty thanks to the gangsta rapping anime girl thing going on there. It’s like “Excuse Me, But Could You Please RIP?,” but a lot more blowhard. And I haven’t even brought up the Boss’s specialty, self-deprecation…which may or may not have been also carried by the novelty of the gangsta rapping anime girl so far. Seriously, can you really call it proper self-deprecation if you’re not willing to risk even your own career for the sake of helping others improve as well? I should know how much it sucks, really, because I myself confidently suck at self-deprecation as well. If I were to play it safer and slower there, I think I’d rather make more stuff like “Live Again,” Your Mori., and “end of a life.” Besides, I’m sure there are more rap enthusiasts out there who’d rather have healthier venting and stuff with it, right? But hey, rapping with more humility and less pride? Wow, can one even call that rap?

Anyway, I’m really digressing there. The point is that Lisa the Tearer came about because at best, I’m really desperate to be a worthy opponent to that woman. It doesn’t matter whether I win or lose against her. All that matters is that she fights me, whoever I’m supposed to be, and has more and more fun with fighting me. But as I tried to accomplish that, I had to face it: I have little care and a lot of disrespect for VTubing and how it works, I’m still an immature rookie to the scenes that brought it about as well (e.g. the utaite and Youtaite scenes), and I’m pretty much looking for an excuse to be perverted and violent to a fellow sinner I’m envious of and lusting for. You can see it in stuff like how I named the project’s titular star after a particular line in Tommy Wiseau’s The Room (which Calli did a watch-along of along with the movie adaptation of The Disaster Artist), in how much unpopular sexual perversion (among them is the actual freaking trap kind, or the prettily effeminate yet raging straight man in drag, which is one of my biggest fetishes) I infused into my videos, and in how I worked with such an impractical production process (like, even if it really were a great experimental process, and even if the biggest VTubers often have rough starts and end up breaking character frequently, this project and its production process ended up becoming a tad too stressful for me more quickly than I expected, especially with how I tried to double-life like certain big VTubers as well). So yeah, I’m glad I didn’t push myself too hard with my boredom and incompetency even at making VTuber videos in the prerecorded vein of Kaguya Luna and Mirai Akari. If I did, I’d probably have harassed a voice actor or two into two crappy exploitation videos before a boring two-part graduation announcement video series.

And there’s how a minor victory in fulfilling that stupid little dream of mine was achieved more as myself, The Overlord Bear/Jem De Ocampo, with stuff like my “spiral tones” remix. And then there’s how I’ve been having more fun trying to flex as more of an English cover machine over a community I often look down on and want to act like a know-it-all to. I still can’t see myself streaming, nor can I see myself acting as simp-friendly as those more popular folks I have a love-hate perception of. And if I really have to go VTuber, I may have to go aggressive about fighting for being a VTuber who does value self-sufficiency but also and especially collaboration. I even want to be a heel about it, too, because I feel like I’d be riding on coattails even more otherwise. Besides, even the best path has suffering, otherwise we Dead Beats wouldn’t have our stupid ugly admiration for our stupid sexy Boss’s flailing, among a lot of other things.

And yeah, what I consider the best thing that came out of this project is what seems to be my growth in collaboration and business. My collaborators’ diligent willingness to work with me and my shady crap I tried my best to warn them about as well makes me look at them like they’re the more honorable lackeys between me and them, and I even managed to get Genka and ringgopan, two of the folks I first commissioned for my Lisa the Tearer works, to help me out with my more Tobby stuff. There’s also how I learned to use Fiverr, where a bunch of the Mediums (which is how I refer to my evil spirit VTuber persona’s character designers because he wouldn’t have enough of a physical manifestation without those artists) that worked for me came from. And then there’s those two guys I met through the Beneath the Tangles Discord server, two guys who are clearly doing their best to be sounding boards to me and my megalomania. Though again, I think I made more progress as The Overlord Bear or Jem De Ocampo than as Lisa the Tearer. Still, I consider those smaller pieces of progress among my essential learning experiences. Can’t make big things without small things being their pieces, after all, right? I still am a workaholic fueled by all the wrong reasons as well, though, and my liking for my day job is also accompanied by a disdainful desire to flex on my fellow simps like the raging straight man I am.

So yeah, what’s next is mainly working on music productions aiming to get the attention of the VTuber community and its related communities. Especially a certain big company’s. Very nefarious of me, am I right? I might try to practice streaming a bit more on the side, because who knows, I might have some talent for it, and the feeling of necessity might help unlock it, just like how I discovered my own talent for singing during high school. Don’t worry, though, because if this villain gets in there, I’m sure I’ll get my ass whooped and get placed in the bottom tiers of both the company and the community. If you need help with that, then check out and put on blast stuff like my vlogs, my meme vids, and my Recommendation Yell of nostraightanswer’s SYNTECH 0.

And now, before I go back to my hopefully improved regular programming, I’d like to send big thanks again to my sister Juanny Rese for being this project’s final Primary Medium. And speaking of Mediums, I guess I’ll still be open to Secondary Mediums, a.k.a. fanartists? Oh, and yeah, I’ll be keeping the posts for this project up for your more convenient canceling of me as well. Hit me with that feedback, then, baby, especially the honest constructive sort!

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