Suisei Hoshimachi – Her Trail on the Celestial Sphere – TOB English Cover

Working on covering Suisei’s second original song seems to have gotten me more conscious about expressing emotion through my vocals. Like, I think I was trying to be more yelling or something about it, but then I found myself also having more fun going with what I think’s a softer voice from me. As for the lyrics, they sure help make the song quite a complementary contrast to “comet,” no?

Also, DarkHole makes a comeback with that wonderfully grainy audio engineering! Thinking about his style some more, it sounds like something my younger self would’ve thought he could do easily. Unfortunately, stuff like engineering is not my strong suit…probably unless it’s social engineering, more unfortunately.

Anyway, I guess I got nothing else to say now other than here’s the mp3, here’s the lyrics sheet, please credit and link me if you’re using my stuff, and please give me honest constructive feedback~

Feel free to say something!

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