teniwoha – villain – actual freaking trap remix

Why does this musical attempt at a Gothic horror story tinged with Shakespearean tragedy and weeb madness made out of a Ranpo-influenced LGBT+ anthem originally sung by an androgynous Vocaloid exist? Well, it’s because I’m a disgusting straight man who likes to spend his time trying to flex on everyone with his huge-ass upper head and his pinprick lower head. To further prove that, I’d like to say that one of my fetishes is the man with feminine physical beauty hiding toxic raging straightness.

So yeah, I gotta say that I’m still surprised that the likes of Shigeru, Amei Arts, and Jaey of PLVTINUM not only bothered to work on this piece of garbage but also went beyond my expectations of them. Makes me remember the Resurrection-happy God I’ve killed a myriad number of times already. As for why I remember Him, it’s because I’m one of those pieces of scum that call themselves Catholics.

What else do I have to say? Here’s the mp3, and here’s the lyrics sheet, my fellow filthy animals, and I’m sure you can remember to credit and link my inflated ego if you’re ever using my stuff. Also, please interact with this proud man more, preferably in ways that take and keep him down several notches.

Feel free to say something!

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