Milestones, Turning Points, and Activity Updates – February 2022

I’ve been hearing quite the loud call within me for me to reprioritize lately. My simping’s at my personal all-time high recently, and I really need to be more efficient in my day job I’m about to be two years in. They’re part of why this month didn’t have as much posts as I hoped to put up, why I haven’t done more streaming, and why next month is very likely to be sparse with them posts on top of me being vague about what they’ll be. Would love to have more quantity with my attempts at higher quality releases and all that, but I can’t do that right now, if ever.

But as for the releases I did manage to do this month, well, I did get to release two covers of hololive songs: a vocal cover of Mumei’s “A New Start” and  an English cover of Towa’s “FACT” And then there are two remixes: one of Joshua Hartshorn’s “Faceless Entertainers” and one of DEMONDICE’s “wanting, getting, wanting.” I’d also like to say that the “wanting, getting, wanting” remix is my favorite release this month. Oh, and my meme vids and my vlogs got updates.

With all that said, well, again, honest constructive feedback, please.

DEMONDICE – wanting, getting, wanting – TOB Remix

So this wannabe rapper boy came across this wannabe rapper lady who got some inexplicably warm welcoming back with her recently released EP, with this track I remixed being the first single off it. Now, I could act like I can’t be an overrated blowhard with dumb luck like her, but I cannot deny the potential I see in her as this svengali-in-the-making I actually am. I mean, I feel like I can make her style look more awesome AND my own. Really, I bet I’m just projecting how well I’m working with her style. And I bet it’ll still be a win-win even if we end up having a rivalry instead of having collaborations. Not even me being very likely to be a regular loser in a rivalry between us would stop it from being a win-win. I mean, I feel as if this niche we inhabit is quite stagnant right now, and I think this sort of battling would bring some way better life into it. And if it hasn’t fully sunken into your brain yet, then I’d like to tell you that yes, you can call this remix a diss track.

So yeah, I’m very thankful for your work here, but I’m also really sorry for turning you into my lackeys for this, alfonsomusic and Denyel. Please feel free to cut ties with and distance yourselves from me if worse comes to worst. Indeed, I am this bloodthirsty…among a lot of other horrible things.

Now, to further prove that, here’s a link to this remix’s mp3, and here’s a link to this remix’s lyrics sheet. Do credit and link me if you’re using my stuff, though I understand if you violate that request because hey, why should an actual villain like me get respect, right? And to further prove how much of a delusional and megalomaniacal idiot I actually am, I’d like to ask y’all to give me honest constructive feedback. Though hey, maybe wise luck will be around and keep this thing and me from breaking out. Gonna be big pain to me, but it’ll be big relief to you all, don’t you think?

Oh, and one more thing: that “villain” remix of mine? Her English cover of that song definitely inspired that quite a lot.

Joshua Hartshorn – Faceless Entertainers – TOB Remix

With that open space in the middle of the hypnotically groovy Faceless Entertainers EP’s title track, I felt like writing and singing lyrics over it. And I feel like I made all that pretty faceless, even with all them lyrical acrobatics and especially with those flat vocals. It’s an honor to have them vocals edited by Shigeru mixed and mastered by Joshua Hartshorn himself, too. Josh also helped tune up my lyrics, so yeah, thanks very much again~

Now, with that faceless paragraph above out of the way, have some more facelessness in the form of a link to this remix’s mp3 and a link to this remix’s lyrics sheet. Please credit and link me if you’re bothering to use my boring stuff, of course, and again, please give me honest constructive feedback.

Towa Tokoyami – FACT – TOB English Cover

I think I made and sung translyrics that are more forward and aggressive than the original, alright. Combine that with my voice, and you get the ultimate threat to multiversal security. And yes, I be feeling myself a lot again. Should help you remember that the original singer is way more decent than me, though.

Also, I am now more sure that bass boosting is essential to mixing my vocals. Thanks very much again for helping me figure that out, too, Leanna~

Now, here’s this cover’s mp3, and here’s this cover’s lyrics sheet. Please credit and link me if you want to show the world that you’re more charming than me with my stuff so that y’all can give me more concentrated fire guaranteed to keep me canceled forever. I still encourage honest constructive feedback, though.

Mumei Nanashi – A New Start – TOB Vocal Cover

Huh, what a coincidence: The last time I covered a song with Japanese lyrics in its original form, Calli was involved in it. And now here’s me covering another song with Calli involvement, which I also find funny thanks to Mumei’s horror inclinations. Anyway, glad to know more about Calli helping around there, alright.

Oh, and I feel like Mumei and I have similar vibes in terms of singing voices and horrifying craziness, but I think mine are way more unrefined and boorish. I’m also getting the feeling that bass boosting is essential to mixing my vocals, as it’s a very me thing to have my tenor voice all up in our ears, so yeah, also sending big thanks to Shigeru again for the help on that garbage dumping. X”D

And now, this cover’s mp3. Also, honest constructive feedback, please, though you’re free to flame me instead, considering the likely more numerous good reasons for that.