Joshua Hartshorn – Faceless Entertainers – TOB Remix

With that open space in the middle of the hypnotically groovy Faceless Entertainers EP’s title track, I felt like writing and singing lyrics over it. And I feel like I made all that pretty faceless, even with all them lyrical acrobatics and especially with those flat vocals. It’s an honor to have them vocals edited by Shigeru mixed and mastered by Joshua Hartshorn himself, too. Josh also helped tune up my lyrics, so yeah, thanks very much again~

Now, with that faceless paragraph above out of the way, have some more facelessness in the form of a link to this remix’s mp3 and a link to this remix’s lyrics sheet. Please credit and link me if you’re bothering to use my boring stuff, of course, and again, please give me honest constructive feedback.

Feel free to say something!

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