Milestones, Turning Points, and Activity Updates – March 2022

So, this month’s blog posts ended up different from what I expected, as I wanted just two English covers of hololive songs, and what I got was:

And I posted more cringe meme vids and vlogs. I’ve also been getting better at my efficiency at my day job again, though that’s probably because of the kinda lighter/easier load I have right now, but hey, gotta appreciate them baby steps, right? And I might be enjoying streaming more than I expected. And speaking of streaming some more, even with the scuff like in my Persona 4 Golden streams, which I’d call the face of my streamer scuff right now, I somehow managed to get myself into doing better at them some more again, especially with streams like my killer7 streams, my Helltaker stream, and my Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2 streams. I’d also like to give a shout-out to Rosen, a local indie VTuber, for helping me deal with my scuff, among other fun things like introducing more local comedy and going nuts over RPGs.

Some stuff I’m expecting next month? A vacation on Holy Week because my grandparents miss me, at least two music covers because I wanna flex my musical abilities some more with healthier financing, and probably more spontaneous streaming because a more scheduled setup feels a bit too stiff to me right now.

And speaking of my music covers, I’d like to note how, apparently, my “Ijimekko Bully” cover’s been significantly drawing more interest in me and my content lately. The manifestations of my limited lung power there sure are easy to overlook, huh? I’m not gonna expect much on your respect for me, especially considering my confidence about posting things beyond us fools’ current morality trends, but hey, thanks very much for the interest at the very least. X”D

And of course, I’d like more honest constructive feedback, please. And praise and thanks be to God very much again, and may He keep on helping us all as He wishes.

Okayu Nekomata – Mogu Mogu YUMMY! – TOB English Cover

Going through the original lyrics of this song and remembering who wrote it, I was like “Yup, this is definitely Pinocchio-P stuff.” Meanwhile, looking through my lyrics again, I think my Gothic senses combined with my English dub trashiness emphasized the darker parts. And I think my vocals are a more obvious scare compared to Okayu’s laidback vocals that served as a big factor in how this song got stuck in my head this much. So yeah, I don’t think I should be surprised at all if families have very horrified reactions to this.

And hey, sending big thanks again to Shigeru, who just came back from a break! Also, it’s been over a year since I first worked with him! Really quite an honor to have worked with him so much!

And now, this cover’s mp3 and this cover’s lyrics sheet. Please credit and link me if you’re going to use my horrifying stuff here. And of course, honest constructive feedback, please~