How The Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing Became Infamous

How The Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing Became Infamous

a poem by The Overlord Bear/Jem De Ocampo

When a certain wolf dressed up as a sheep
He attracted the shepherds who were gluttons for sleep
As they had found a charge that could actually charge
Against any wolves who wanted their parts
Even though the “sheep” had some wolfy spots
They thought that God had blessed their hearts
So they went on to get drunk and then sleep again
Until they found the fake eating a real one’s head
Though they waved it all off as a needed sacrifice
For such strength would come at a great price
Such as sheep that could not defend themselves
Much like the “sheep” that drove the wolves to the hills
But then again, the pasture now housed the kin
Wolves who followed suit and dressed like their new head
Whose head still hadn’t been eaten off
By real wolves that seemed already gone
So the shepherds went on to get drunk and then sleep even more
Until they had to tire to shear off some wool, of course
So the shepherds found real wolves underneath their clothes
And found that the wool was sheared for them before
So they found themselves sheared by the wolves
And the shepherds blushed forevermore.

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