Milestones, Turning Points, and Activity Updates – July 2022

I think the most obvious sign of it is this month only having one music post (which kinda blew up and got me feeling like I should have more faith in my fellow Starlights), but I’ve been feeling like I’ve been pushing myself too hard with my routine, especially in terms of prayer, so I went and restructured it. I’m not going to share all the details about it, but I will say that the centerpiece of it is turning my daily journal writing (and handwriting maintenance) from random self-loathing to gratitude listing. Not only will I be more pushed to focus on the positives of my daily life, it will still help expose what I need to improve on. So far, specifically in the one to two weeks I’ve been doing it, I think I can say that it’s been helping me be more motivated and focused about my daily activities and more open and flexible to variations changing circumstances offer me, taking the days for granted less and all.

Still, there are matters like how I wrote and posted smut for the first time. And of all things, it’s hololive smut. It’s also something that reeks of how cishet I actually am, even with the digestibility it gained thanks to its beta reader, so at least it’ll be something that has the potential to disturb the two sides I’m playing, I guess? And out of some attempt at prudence and the like, that stuff goes on only one site, which, along with the identity of the beta reader and to emphasize said attempt, I will neither name nor link in this post. And especially considering that that one smut piece may not be the last one I’ll be posting, please remember that I can’t exactly stop you from digging up the truth yourself and even exposing it to the public, though, whether I like it or not. I’d also like to say that I’d like to discuss sexual stuff with humble positivity more, whether in private or in public.

Now, back to posts on this blog this month, there’s another Bear Lords It Over You update where I also play the Devil again, and then there’s a reflection that spawned with the help of Sunday readings that also included the part where Abraham interceded for Sodom and Gomorrah. I’m glad that this blog this month got more filled, but at the same time, I feel like when I was trying to handle producing my music posts all by myself, pretending especially to myself that I could do more than what I could actually do. And now I’m thinking that even if I made the right choice leaving all those Discord servers I left, even if I could actually do even more than I can right now, I have to remember that I still need other people, and what matters is that I find the ones I can be more and more myself around, not hoard as many apparent friends as possible. I hate having to face the error part of “trial and error,” but I gotta accept that that’s how looking for good friends will go, and that making friends is just the beginning of friendship.

Other stuff this month worth noting here? Well, it’s not much again, but I did manage to do some streaming this month. Also been figuring out how to more quickly finish a few harder maps in Valkyria Chronicles, already at endgame in my playthrough of Hyperdimension Re;Birth2, and I have to remember to have a lot of water for when I push my throat to the limit by doing my cheap voice acting for The Silver Case. Also got some new meme vids, with my return to holomemeing also being the second catschais meme compilation video I got featured in. And speaking of more of my YouTube stuff, my “Ijimekko Bully” vocal cover has gone past 100 Likes on top of being my channel’s most Liked and second most viewed video right now, and my channel has already gone past 250 subscribers as well. Again, thank you very much for the humbling support.

As for plans for the following month, I think I’ll be able to upload at least one music post, which will be an English cover of a Japanese song, specifically a KagePro song because hey, it’s August. And August is also the month I consider this blog’s and therefore The Overlord Bear’s anniversary, which will be nine years old at that point. I’m also planning to post some poems I wrote, and hopefully, there’ll be a Bear Lords It Over You update featuring a different villain. I’m also not sure if I’ll have the strength to write fanfics and reviews to post here next month.

And now, I’d like to ask for honest constructive feedback again. And again, may God Almighty keep on helping us all.

Humiliated with the Too Few Repentant

Humiliated with the Too Few Repentant

some insomniac musings by The Overlord Bear/Jem De Ocampo

When I think about Jesus’ sacrifice, I also feel like Abraham trying to convince the Father to not destroy Sodom and Gomorrah.

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No Sympathy from the Devil

And here we have yet another Devil roleplay monologue, with the character having a more human design made with the help of Denyel, because hey, humans are the real monsters, right? And speaking of real monstrosities, one of them is self-loathing, which I’d also like to call modesty taken to the extreme, and I think I display a lot of that in my content. And if the stuff I learned through some jokes in a Max0r vid about my fellow Roman Catholics is anything to consider, you can 100% trust what I’m saying here.

And hey, remember how we like to call mental health issues “demons”? Honestly, even if I weren’t Christian, I think I’d still have mixed feelings about proudly calling oneself a demon while making a habit out of calling one’s own mental health issues “demons.” Sure, I guess it can make us look like we can go toe to to with our issues, but like any other lie, we end up needlessly amplifying the painfulness of the truth with it, and it only looks awesome to people who are dumber than us.

Also, the next scripts shall not star the Devil himself, but of course, they will remind of you him. Now, again, honest constructive feedback, please. And if you’re a writer who thinks they can make a decent script for this series, then please feel free to ask me about that.

Miyabi Hanasaki – Kaika Sengen – TOB English Cover

Back to covering VTuber songs, and it’s still a holoPro one, but hey, it’s a holostars solo this time! And this upload kinda coincided with the announcement of what’s apparently holostars EN and its first group Tempus!

Anyway, this time, I got here an English cover of Miyabi Hanasaki’s first solo original, the title I translated as “Blooming Declaration” in English, and it was written and produced by 40mP. If you ask me about the quality of the song, it’s a pretty good combination of beauty, with Miyabi’s gracefully tough voice resonating with 40mP’s powerfully modest work, which reinforces not only Miyabi’s floral image but also holostars’ underdog image. As for how I interpreted it in the cover, I think I put emphasis on the feeling of slow but sure progress. Also, I think my vocals, which had to be accommodated by a downward key change, make the flower in the song sound more rained on than how Miyabi’s vocals make it sound in the original.

And now, I’d like to thank DarkHole very much again for helping out with the audio engineering, especially with his freaking amazing vocal tuning! I think I first remembered him for what I think are grainy mixes, honestly, so yeah, I’d say he definitely outdid himself with this production! And I think I just realized that so far, on top of a bunch of holoPro covers in English, I’ve been entrusting him with some of my more sentimental vocals, hahaha! X”D

Oh, and yes, I also did a bit of moving text in my subtitles for this cover ’cause damn, the video got so bustling during the first pre-chorus, and I felt like I had to make something that blended into that somewhat. And I’d have more color in the subtitles in general to be a bit more consistent with the original typography, but I found that trying to put in more yellow would make for way less visibility. And I kinda wish I translated the original credits in the MV of Jin’s “MERMAID” some more in the video of my English cover of that song.

Now, here’s the mp3 for this cover, and here’s the lyrics sheet. Please remember to credit and link me as well if you’re gonna use my stuff even in a mocking way, because hey, you would want me and not you seen as the weeby poser/piece of English dub trash who had the audacity to make this pathetic excuse for a cover, right? Also, again, I’d love to get honest constructive feedback.