No Sympathy from the Devil

And here we have yet another Devil roleplay monologue, with the character having a more human design made with the help of Denyel, because hey, humans are the real monsters, right? And speaking of real monstrosities, one of them is self-loathing, which I’d also like to call modesty taken to the extreme, and I think I display a lot of that in my content. And if the stuff I learned through some jokes in a Max0r vid about my fellow Roman Catholics is anything to consider, you can 100% trust what I’m saying here.

And hey, remember how we like to call mental health issues “demons”? Honestly, even if I weren’t Christian, I think I’d still have mixed feelings about proudly calling oneself a demon while making a habit out of calling one’s own mental health issues “demons.” Sure, I guess it can make us look like we can go toe to to with our issues, but like any other lie, we end up needlessly amplifying the painfulness of the truth with it, and it only looks awesome to people who are dumber than us.

Also, the next scripts shall not star the Devil himself, but of course, they will remind of you him. Now, again, honest constructive feedback, please. And if you’re a writer who thinks they can make a decent script for this series, then please feel free to ask me about that.

Feel free to say something!

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