Fujino, Kohaku, and Sakura Walk into Ahnenerbe

Fujino, Kohaku, and Sakura Walk into Ahnenerbe

a Nasuverse fanfiction by The Overlord Bear

Summary: What they went through is no joke, and one is willing to help her fellow victims, but said fellows are one trying to perform a purging on herself by getting sloshed, while the other encourages said sloshing like a mad scientist. At the very least, those worms could be quietly twisted to death, and that maid tripped back and forth…

Previous Part: “Touko, Aoko, and Rin Walk into Ahnenerbe”

First Part: “Arc, Art, and Shiki Walk into Ahnenerbe”

“All I had to do was…get wasted? You thought I wouldn’t have…a social life like this? And what the hell…is Al-Anon? An…Assassin?”

“I don’t know who you’re talking to, Sakura, but damn, you’re drinking like a champ! And hey, you seeing this, Fujino? Oh, wait, sorry, didn’t mean that.”

When Fujino Asagami came to the Ahnenerbe party at Shiki and Mikiya’s invitation, the blind telekinetic just had the usual worry about her old crush’s younger sister with a brother complex. Not that it was that big, considering how well the couple and their daughter handled themselves, and then there were Azaka’s new minders, who had also been making the brocon’s classmate and friend realize how much she wanted a break from all that wailing about even more forbidden love and having to whack all that off with her cane.

And then came these two girls Fujino could feel were like her: violated yet enduring. One was a shy girl named Sakura Matou, while the other was a peppy maid named Kohaku. They weren’t engaging in the worst coping mechanisms, but still, they were causing her concern, and she wanted to be there for them with her very best. Thus, she quietly sat along with them, letting them open up by themselves and giving them proper help whenever they explicitly asked her for some. So far, Fujino had listened to some household horror stories and shared her bully hunter stories, but things started getting weirder than expected when Kohaku insisted on drinking alcohol.

“Uncle Byakuya’s…the biggest dumbass…That’s why alcohol…isn’t liquid courage to him…As for me…I’m better than my stupid older sister! And I curse every older sibling ever!”

“Hey, hey, as a hardworking older sibling who’s also a sex slave, I take offense to that, Sakura! You want a bar brawl, huh? Oof!”

Though Fujino couldn’t help doing some sneakier help, one of them being twisting and untwisting a bit of the flooring underneath Kohaku’s feet to make her trip and hit her head into some sort of sobriety, the kimono-wearing maid none the wiser about the spatial manipulation. Besides, tough love wasn’t anything new to the blind telekinetic. In fact, it was part of her usual support methods. She’d just grown a lot subtler and more graceful about it over the years. And she had to satisfy her still persisting bloodlust somehow.

“I can’t believe…you need me…you senile wrinkle…You’d be way creepier…if you were more polite…but you’re just as pathetic…as…as Nii-san…”

“Did somebody say ‘Nii-san’? When’d your hair turn purple, Akiha-sama? Did you achieve your final form? Did I smoke one of my latest creations? Damn it, I’m gonna be more of an outcast to this country!”

And speaking of bloodlust and telekinesis, Fujino had been taking some pages from one of her saviors. Shiki killing her appendicitis, though something she accepted was beyond her capabilities, also got her practicing things like teeth pulling and organ squeezing, and seeing Sakura’s worms had Fujino wanting to at least try outdoing herself further that much, especially when she noticed the alcohol impeding them.

And right now, Fujino was feeling like that heart worm, the liveliest one among them all, was the best place for her to start. She just had to make sure that she made her twists pump as well, functioning like little jolts that would have her just pass out at best in terms of side effects.

“The best person…in my life…is a suicidal idiot…I’ll still win…in the end…It’ll be win-win, even…”

“Oh, wait, I’ve just been drinking a bit too much. Phew! Wait, why are you taking your top off, Sakura? I’d be down for some of that, but this isn’t one of those establishments!”

This was going to be Fujino’s riskiest rescue yet. Fortunately, those enchanted worms were wriggling in confusion due to the alcohol Sakura was continuing to increase as she made some advances toward Mikiya’s new male redhead friend, but still, there was all that erratic movement. And Kohaku was being a wild card, entering into this bizarre dancing fight as she struggled to put Sakura’s clothes back on.

“Senpai! Could you add some more to my totally fucked life!? I want my stupid grandpa to…FUCK OFF!”

“Whoa, that is some cursed energy right there! Like, hate materialized! What I wouldn’t wish for something like that!”

As red and black suddenly surged over Sakura’s purple, Fujino instantly twisted that swelling heart worm. The red and black soon dissipated at that death, and the resulting added panic made the other worms easier pickings.

Of course, Sakura, chest almost fully exposed in terms of clothing, fell over as soon as the heart worm got killed. But Fujino was surprised that the wormed girl’s heart was still beating, as the clairvoyant telekinetic performed that kill in a panic, a state also held by those remaining worms she soon killed. Though there was still the possibility of brain damage, especially thanks to Azaka’s deadly little minder hitting Sakura’s head with a splintered baseball bat and an aura more massive than her giant bodyguard the moment the girl of purple started falling over.

“Sakura! I won’t let you die! We still haven’t exchanged all of our victim tales! And we still haven’t killed our scummy men! I haven’t finalized my list there yet, though, but still! I’m gonna take you back home to my lab, even preserve you in ice! I WON’T LET YOU – ”

While there was still the concern about brain damage, among other things, Fujino felt some relief in that red-eyed girl’s silencing of that maid. She had more than enough panic already, and she needed a better break.

And speaking of better breaks, Fujino was really feeling the urge to twist some scummy schmucks again. One was already being dealt with by his girlfriend, while the other…

“Sakura! Are you okay, Sakura?”

“Damn ith, Rider, who cares abouth my sthupid sisther!? Geth me outh of this chain ball already! Sthupid bi – AGTH!”

…The other already tripped Fujino’s scumbag man radar before he even entered Ahnenerbe, and she had already been twisting her teeth off one by one before she went on to twist his tongue, among other things.

“Huh, guess I gotta thank you for helping prevent the apocalypse that glasses guy and this seaweed head would’ve caused,” Azaka’s deadly little minder then told Fujino. “What’s your name?”

“You are very welcome,” Fujino stood up and bowed, giving the not only very deadly but also very trustworthy little minder her closed eyes as well. “My name is Fujino Asagami. Whose praise do I have the honor of here, then?”

“Oh, I like you a lot!” the deadly little minder brightened at the blind telekinetic. “My name is Illyasviel von Einzbern! But you can call me Illya! And you’re that Azaka’s friend, right?”

“Sadly, yes,” Fujino replied, still bowing. “Apologies and gratitude for handling her when I cannot.”

At her polite reply, Fujino heard Illya hiss and whistle. “Damn, I wouldn’t mind if you were one of my maids…Ow!”

For that, the still very bloodthirsty Fujino twisted and untwisted the floor beneath the rich brat, consequences be damned, especially in the face of her telekinesis.

Author’s Note: This took a while, but when I looked up Fujino some more as I really tried to start writing this up recently, I found myself having more fun with this than I expected, though I think that may be a good reason for you to mock me instead, considering the characters involved and how I’m cishet trash. But anyway, I’d like to send my thanks to DeceasedVector for being an inspiration to this piece via a comment on this series’s previous installment. And I think I’ll consider this series complete already, with any further updates being surprises.

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