When A Villain Really Asks For It

When A Villain Really Asks For It

some insomniac musings by The Overlord Bear/Jem De Ocampo

If I ever say that a fellow villain of mine “asked for it,” then please consider me the worse villain.

All along, I wanted to be a hero because it made for a good show, not because it brought true good to humanity. I wanted to defy the laws of nature, of reality, to gain approval from my fellow fools I would rather kick to hell once they start being an inconvenience to me. And there is one defiance we would build and destroy each other for that I learned really easily.

You know how we would say that someone we consider a villain “asked for it” whenever we give them beatdowns and humiliations? That’s the defiance I’m talking about, because you know the idea about how villains think themselves heroes? With those thoughts in mind, can we really say that villains seriously ask for punishment? They give us stuff we consider reasons to punish them, yes, but would they seriously ask for justice as we who consider ourselves heroes like it?

If you ask me, another villain we can cancel anytime, there are only three ways for a villain to ask for punishment yet still stay a villain. One is to be a masochist, one who takes pleasure in being punished and nothing more. Two is to be a provocateur, or someone who allows themself to be punished as long as they take their punishers down with them. Otherwise, the villain asking for punishment is someone on the way to becoming a true hero, someone we proud “heroes” think villains can’t ever be.

With all that in mind, when we say that someone we consider a villain “asked for it,” we usually mean “They deserve to rot even further,” not “We’re going to guide them towards becoming better people.” We could say that we’re just following the Golden Rule, which states that we should do unto others what we want others to do unto us, but wouldn’t that passive way of interpreting said Rule be very inconsistent with how we like to present ourselves as active contributors to what we consider good? Wouldn’t that be also saying that we have none of that destiny-and-reality-breaking will and intellect and reason we have our fictional heroes and our own selves we base those heroes on like to proudly advocate?

So when a villain really asks for it, for redeeming punishment, we proud heroes never see it for what it really is. We only see lies of our own making, the pride we mix up with love, which we often refer to by just the word itself or by the fragments rather than the whole of what it truly refers to.

Indeed, it’s even more nauseating to see more of how weak we really are, but if that’s part of the price of always seeing how we can do better and being able to do those ways to do better, then may God Almighty keep on working His miracles upon us seemingly hopeless cases.

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